How to transfer money from India to Nepal

There are several ways to send money to Nepal from India. Your hard earned money must not fall into wrong hand. I have aimed at pointing out the fast and reliable ways to send money to Nepal from India.

Method 1

One of the safest ways to transfer money from India to Nepal is to use the ‘Indo- Nepal remittance service’ which is provided by every Indian bank that is involved in National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) system. If you do not know yet, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has since few years back launched ‘Indo- Nepal Remittance Scheme’ taking into the consideration of unnecessary hassles that the Nepali migrants had to endure while they send money to Nepal from India. The good thing about using this scheme is that the person to whom the money is sent does not require a Bank Account to collect the transferred fund. All they have to do is visit the specific money transfer company in Nepal and collect their transferred money.

No fee is charged when they transfer money between banks of India and Nepal but the condition is that the Indian Commercial Bank that you have chosen for sending money to Nepal from India must be linked to National Electronic Fund Transfer. Small sum of money is charged for receiver if the receiver does not have a bank account.

Method 2

Punjab National Bank which is one of the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Bank has a joint venture with Everest Bank Limited of Nepal. Everest Bank of Nepal has got a current account opened in Punjab National Bank of New Delhi. The current account number of Everest Bank in Punjab National Bank of New Delhi is 2254002100011923. The Nepali immigrant that is willing to transfer funds from India simply needs to visit any of the Punjab National Bank Branch in India and deposit the amount in Indian Rupee. But to enjoy the service, the recipient (or someone whom you can trust) must have an account in Everest Bank Limited. Please note that it might take upto 4 to 5 days for receiver to receive money if you follow this procedure. Although bit clumsy, it is the secured way of money transfer from India to Nepal.

Method 3

There are several remittance companies in Nepal. Some of them are IME International Money Express, Nepal SBI Remit and Prabhu Money Transfer. Visit the nearby agent or branches of any Remittance companies in Nepal. Show the valid ID to the agent or branch officer and fill the remittance form with information regarding the personal details like Name, Address and Contact Number of the desired receiver of money. Give the filled form, money transfer charge and the Remittance Amount to the Agent. After the inspection of the form, the agent will provide you with number code. You need to send this number code to the receiver. The receiver who comes with ID and number code can collect the remittance money from the nearby agent of that remittance company which was used for sending money.

Method 4 

If you are looking for fastest way to send money to Nepal, you can use the online money transfer service. There are many Remittance companies offering online money transfer service from throughout the world like Prabhu Money Transfer and IME International Express. Sending money online to Nepal through IME International Express is a fast and easy process. All you need to do is follow four simple steps. First of all, get registered in IME online system. You can easily get registered to online IME in no time by mentioning your email ID. Now, you need to select the country in which you are currently staying which in this case is India. Now, mention the amount that you wish to transfer and choose the payment option. The third step will be to provide the name, address and contact number of the receiver which is the person to whom you are intending to send the money. The fourth and final step is to make payment through the cards like Visa Card, Master Card and American Express.


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