Also known as ‘Madhyapur’ as it lies in between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, Thimi is the distorted form of ‘Chhemi’ which means ‘Capable People’- the term used by people of Bhaktapur as a flattery to recompensate for the damage caused on Thimi when Bhaktapur engaged on war with Kathmandu and Lalitpur.


Thimi is the valley’s fourth largest town and is located 4km west of Bhaktapur at a plateau.

Famous For:-

1 Green vegetable: Most of them are transported to Kathmandu

2 Papier-mache masks

3 Ceramics goods

4 Pottery: one can watch potters at work in alleys and courtyards all over the north                     end of town.

Major Temples:-

1 Balkumari Temple:- It is a 16th c. pagoda which is located near the southern end of the main North-South lane. A jatra (fare) occurs on every new year’s day(April) where dozens of  deities are carried around on khat(palanquin) performing the sindur jatra( throwing red powder on the way).

Major Buddhist Shrines:-

1 Digu Baha (Guna Kirti Mahavihar) in Digu Twa

2 Yachi Baha(Hera Nilbarna Mavihar) in Kirti Twa

3 Nhu Baha(Hera SubarnaMaha vihar) in Chapach Twa

4 Ta: Baha(Hem Barna Mahavihar) in Maru Twa

5 Wakye Baha(Guna Wakya Mahavihar) in Chapacho Twa

6 Dathu Baha (Jetwan Mahavihar) in Kusum Tungchi Twa

7 Jiswan Baha(Purbasthit Mahavihar) in Gadcha

8Pati Baha(Pati Mahavihar) in Pacho Twa

9 Gunga Chiva(Navchaitya Mahavihar) in Pacho Twa

Major Festivals:-

1 Bishnu Bir Jatra :It occurs in 30th Chait(April) at Nagdes.

2 Siddhi Ganesh Jatra: It occurs in 30th Chait(April) at Nagdes.

3 Balkumari Jatra: It occurs in 1st Baisakh(April) at Balkumari.

4 Dakshin Barahi Jatra: It occurs in 1st Baisakh(April) at Balkumari.

5 Bishnu Bir Jatra:It occurs in 1st Baisakh (April) at Balkumari.

6 32 Palanquins Festival:It occurs in 2nd Baisakh (April) at Balkumari.

7 Tongue penetration Festival: It occurs in 2nd Baisakh (April) at Bode.

8 Siddhi Ganesh Jatra: It occurs in 2nd Baisakh (April) at Nagdes.

Tongue penetration festival is the unique festival of Thimi. The person who wants to have his tongue pierced has to undergo through certain rituals. From three days prior to the festival, he must not eat, sleep or touch any women and animals. In the day of festival, one feet needle made of iron is inserted into his tongue. He then ferries around the market and finally come to rest over Mahalaxmi Temple. The needle is then nailed on nearby Ganesh Temple.

How to Reach:-

To reach Purano Thimi(Old Thimi), buses depart from Bagbazar near Ratnapark inevery five minutes interval. It takes one hour ride from bus and costs NRs20 per person.

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