Since hot water flows out constantly from the tap and pond, the place is named Tatopani meaning the place of Hot Water.


Once in Tretayug(the 3rd Age of Earth according to Hindu Scriptures), a Sage was heading for mountain to have penance and cleanse of sin. His body could not tolerate cold any more when he arrived here. So he is believed to have made a hole on the ground with the help of his trident out of which hot water sprouted. While still living on mountain, the sage is said to have heard the news of birth of God Ram in Ayodhya. So it is said the Sage bathed for the 2nd time before visiting to Ayodhya.


Tatopani lies 112km far from Kathmandu at Sindhupalchowk District.

Major Festivals:-

The festivals hold their grounds on same myth. The sage is believed to have dug the water out in Kartik Sukla Purnima and Ram Nawami was the day he bathed here for the 2nd time. Thus great fare takes place on Ram Nawami (November) and Kartik Sukla Purnima(March) each year during which devotees from far and wide visit to take a bath and be cleanse of sin.


1From the scientific perspective, this water is found to be rich in Sulphur and Potash and thus possess power to cure Skin Diseases and Arthritis.

2 Only 3 km far from Tatopani lies Kodari. Majority of people visit to Khasa(a Tibetan marketplace) through Kodari. A pass and Citizenship certificate is required to be shown in Chinese Security Checkpost to visit Khasa.

3 At the bottom of Tatopani flows Bhotekoshi– popular for Rafting.

4 A bath in the Hot Springs.

How to Reach:-

Public Buses can easily be available from Old Buspark of Kathmandu which departs for Tatopani through Araniko Highway.

Where to Stay:-

There are plenty of Hotels and Lodges available in Tatopani. However it is possible to return to Kathmandu on the same day if one wants.

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