Tansen is a hill town lying near to Shrinagar Hill and is also the District Headquarter of Palpa. It is situated at an altitude of 1372m above sea level and lies about 130km South-West of Pokhara and lies on the way from Pokhara to Lumbini. Tansen is compared to Kathmandu for it also is a home for numerous temples.


Tansen has a moderate type of climate and thus can be visited throughout the year. The maximum temperature reached is 28 degree Celsius during summer season while 8degree Celsius is the lowest temperature reached during winter season. Maximum rainfall is recorded during the months of June and July.

Major Attractions:-

i)                   Enchanting sceneries of Mountains like Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and GauriShankar can be viewed on a clear sunny day.

ii)                There are lots of markets selling Nepali Topis( caps of Nepali style prepared chiefly of hand woven Dhaka cloth)  as it is famous for Dhaka Cloth.

Some must visit places in and nearTansen:-

i)                   Tansen Durbar:

It is a palace built in 1927AD by General Pratap Shamser. It is famous for holding the throne and ceremonial Sword in its Gaddi Baithak.

ii)                Bhagwati Temple:

It is a temple situated near to the Tansen Durbar which was built by Colonel Ujir SinghThapa in 1814 A.D. to commemorate the victory of Nepali Army over British India force. A chariot festival is organized each year in Bhadra Krishnaa Nawami (which falls at the end of August) to commemorate the victory of Nepal Army over British Indian force.

iii)              Ganesh Temple:

This is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh( the elephant headed god who is known as God of Success) and lies in the southern part of  the hill. Chariot procession is performed each year in the month of Bhadra. The temple is crowded with devotees especially on Tuesday as Tuesday is believed to be the favorite day of Ganesh.


iv)              Rani Ghat:

               Rani Ghat which lies on the banks of Kali Gandaki River was built by Khadga Shamser (the- then Rana Governer of Palpa) in memory of his beloved wife Tej Kumari in 1892 A.D. It lies 7 km far from Tansen- the district headquarter of Palpa. One can enjoy the pleasure of fishing and birds viewing on the way. The path is rather steep with narrow gorge however.

v)                Kali Gandaki River:

                  Kali Gandaki is a river with its origin point at Muktinath in Jomsom. Visitors can amuse themselves with Rafting and Boating in this river. Many historical and holy sites like RaniGhat lie on the banks of Kali Gandaki.

vi)              ShriNagar Hill:

                It is a hill lying 30 minutes of walking distance far from Tansen Bazaar. It is famous for sight-seeing. Enchanting views of different Mountains including Terai terrain, Madi Valley and Tinau River Valley can be viewed from the hilltop.

vii)           Ridi Bazaar:

               Ridi Bazaar is a place lying at the confluence of Kali Gandaki and Ridi Rivers. It is famous for holding a RishiKesh Temple which was built by Mukunda Sen( the great King of Palpa who ruled Palpa before unification). Legend holds that the statue of RishiKesh was found by king Mukunda Sen in the shape of infant boy and this very image is believed to have been grown up to image of current adult RishiKesh since it got installed into the temple. Ridi lies five hours walking distance far from Tansen.

viii)         Satyawati Lake:

                 Satyawati Lake which has taken its name from Goddess Satyawati lies at an altitude of 1400m height above sea level. It is famous as birds watching site too as it is visited by several migratory birds each year. The lake can be reached through Siddhartha Highway in two hours time. A child who can not speak is believed to start talking if he/she takes a bath and drinks the holy water of this lake. Childless parents often visit this lake with a hope of conceiving. A great fare is organized in the night of Kartik Sukla Purnima each year in the area.

ix)              Amar Narayan Temple:

                    This temple complex with one meter wide stone wall surrounding the area was built in 1807 AD by Amar Singh Thapa. The complex holds the Pagoda styled temple of Lord Shiva, ponds, parks and rest houses.

x)                Madan Pokhara:

It is a village lying near to Tansen which abodes various temples like Kalanki Devi, Devisthan and Mandabya. Madan Pokhara is easily accessible as it is well connected to Siddhartha Highway.

xi)              Arghali:

           Arghali is a village lying 38 km far from Tansen. It is located near to Kali Gandaki and Ridi rivers and is historically significant for being the very place where Rana Prime Minister Juddha Shamser spent the last days of his life. The remnants of the palace can still be seen in Arghali.

xii)           Deule Archale:

             It is a place with religious significance. Devotees from far and wide visit here each year to take a bath in its Holy Pond. It is also the home for Radha Krisna and Bhagwati temples. Deule Archale can be reached in three hours from Ridi. Alternatively, one can start the journey from Harthok.

xiii)         Chilangdi:

             Chilangdi is a typical Magar Village lying to the South of Shrinagar Hill.

How to Reach:-

Tansen lies about 7km North West of Bartung in Siddhartha Highway. There are two ways of reaching Tansen from Kathmandu. One can either choose the way through Butwal or Pokhara. But the way through Pokhara is bit long than the way through Butwal. It is because the total distance travelled from Kathmandu to Tansen via Butwal is about 296km which takes nearly10 hour busdrive to cover the distance. The way from Kathmandu to Tansen via Pokhara is about 324 km long.

Alternatively, a flight can be taken from Kathmandu to either Pokhara or Bhairahawa from where a bus to Tansen can be easily accessible.

Where to Stay:-

Being a district headquarter, there are wide varieties of hotels and lodges ranging from big to small providing different degrees of facilities in Tansen. Even continental Cuisines are available in some Hotels of the area.

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