eSewa Account Verification Process Explained

Before you know how to make esewa account verified and approved, let us explain what is e-sewa account and how to use it.

What is eSewa?

e-Sewa is Nepal’s first online payment gateway system which has helped thousands of Nepalese people to have better online life. Esewa started its business in Nepal in 2010, January 21. E sewa is mainly used for online and offline payments and transfer money online to many renowned banks of Nepal. Besides, it has helped people to overcome with daily transaction such as top-up your mobile, airline tickets, movie tickets, landline bills, ADSL bills and many more. But before you can resume the service, you should know how to create esewa account.

How to create and verify esewa account- Step by Step explained

Step I: Visit esewa official site home You will see the sign up form. You will see the following form:

eSewa registration form sample
Step II: Fill in the sign up by providing correct personal details like First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, your gender, your date of birth and your mobile number. Use your mail address or your phone number in esewa ID space and create at least 8 characters long password.
Step III: Tick on the box below the fill up form which states that you agree with terms and conditions set by esewa for its users.
Step IV: Write down the captcha code and hit sign up button and voila you have successfully created esewa account.

Step by Step eSewa Account Verification Process Explained

Remember that you have just created your account and you are not yet a verified user. Here is what you should do to verify your esewa account:
Step I: Arrange all your documents such as Passport Size photo, Citizenship Certificate and extra documents like Voter Card, you can choose either option photocopy or scanned version.
Step II: Provide all the details by filling up the form, which includes your real identity, your name as listed in your citizenship. Address, date of birth, Grandfather Name, citizenship identification number and date of issue (convert the date with English date)
Step III: Use google chrome for submitting your filled form. If you have any other browser, make sure to install chrome and use it as it is recommended by the e-Sewa team.
Step IV: Click the submit button in order to upload files and make your account verified. You can also contact the customer support at 1660-01-02121 and ask for verification code afterwards which the support staff will send you the pin code and you can use that code for transaction. Alternatively, you can e-mail your entire documents along with your e-mail, user ID and password to

Now you know how to verify eSewa Account.

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