Guided Tutorial to Set Up TP Link Router for NTC ADSL

Configuring most of the routers for NTC ADSL is same. Although TP- Link is the most common ADSL router, other routers from Digicom, ZTE, Tenda, Cnet, Aztech, Beetel, Prolink are also available in Nepalese market.

How to Set Up TP Link Router for NTC ADSL

Step I: Open the new tab in your browser from Desktop Computer or Laptop and type http://192.168.11 as shown below


Link for opening TP Link NTC ADSL Configuration tab

Step II: A new pop-up will open which will ask you to provide your username and password.

Step III: Provide your correct username and password in the box and click Sign in.

Step IV: You will be directed towards the homepage of TP-Link as shown below

TP Link Quick Tab Start Up

           TP Link Quick Tab Start Up

Step V: Click on Quick Start if you do not know Advanced Setup.

Step VI: Click on Run Wizard box located at the bottom of the page.

Step VII: You will be led to Quick Start page which takes 4 simple steps to complete the ADSL configuration. The page looks as below:

TP Link Quick Start Page

        TP Link Quick Start Page

Step VIII: There are 4 steps that needs to be completed. They are:

Step VIII.a. Select Time Zone (Here you have to choose one of the Indian Time Zone as there is no availability of Nepal Timezone in TPLink. )

Step VIII.b. Set your internet connection by choosing ISP connection Type for NTC ADSL. (Here you can choose PPPoE/PPPoA )

Step VIII.c. Enter your Username and Password. The username and password is provided by your Internet Service Provider which is Nepal Telecom in this case. So, provide username and password given at the time of NTC ADSL subscription.

Step VIII.d. Configure WLAN setting  for TP-Link by selecting Access Point as Activated,  selecting yes to Broadcast SSID, choosing WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK as Authentication Type, choosing TKIP/AES for Encryption and providing wifi password in Pre-shared Key box.

configure WLAN setting in TP-Link NTC ADSL

configure WLAN setting in TP-Link NTC ADSL

Thus, you can easily set up TP Link Router for NTC ADSL.

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