How to read and write Devnagari Nepali in Android Mobile

Since most of the smartphones do not support devnagari script, it is really a problem if we have to open any nepali document from mobile. You can follow the below mentioned steps for easy reading and writing.

Guided tutorial on  How to read and write Devnagari Nepali in Android Mobile

Step I: Your cellphone must have Nepali font in order for it to support Nepali format. So, check to see if your set has preinstalled Nepali font.

Step II: If you do not find it, then you need to download Nepali font as given below:

How to Download and Install Nepali/ Devnagari font in Android set

Step II.a.  Perform rooting action to your set. (Remember that rooting is a risky business). Also, you should know that you can unroot your set

Step II.b. You can visit google playstore and search for root explorer for android. Once you find the app, you can then download it in your device.

Step II.c.  Download any of the nepali unicode font.  AnjaliOldlipi.ttf and DroidSansFallback.ttf are two popular fonts.  You can find these fonts in your PC/ Laptop in C:/Windows/Fonts. Preeti and Mangal are other popular fonts.

Step II.d. Once you download the font, shift the downloaded font to system/font/directory which will replace the existing fonts from the directory.

Step II.e.  Reboot your android set.

Step III:Only installing the font is not going to work. you also need to install Nepali Keyboard.

How to Install Nepali/ Devnagari keyboard in Android

How to read and write Devnagari Nepali in Android Mobile

Step III.a. Go to Google Playstore. Search for Nepali Panini Keypad IME and download. (You can download any other multilanguage keyboard but we have found Panini to be the easiest.)

Step III.b. Find settings in your phone and then go to language and input where you need to make Panini Keypad IME as your default keyboard.

Step III.c. Next, when you return to text typing area, you can see Panini Keyboard. This keyboard has predictive texting feature while it also offers dictionary support which makes it a must have Nepali keyboard.

Now, you are ready to type in Nepali in mobile.

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