Pizza Hut Nepal

Situated in Annapurna Arcade, Durbar Marg is a multicuisine restaurant rendering professional service as all orders are timely delivered.

Here are some dishes listed in Menu of Pizza Hut:-

i)                   Green salad: It includes pickled cucumber, cherry tomatoes and lettuce along with other usual green salad things with little lemon juice added.

ii)                Garlic bread grilled with cheese on the top comes in a small steel bread basket

iii)              Tortillas:  the crunchy tortillas are topped with spicy chicken

iv)              Pizzas:  Pizzas are served with cheese and herbs on top

v)                Pasta in mushroom sauce

Pizza Hut opens all week from 11am to 11pm and has shared parking space. Both debit and credit cards are accepted here but one cannot have access in internet through Wi-Fi. 125 is the total seating capacity of Pizza Hut. It lacks in space for outdoor seating and has chairs and couches for indoor. No floor seating is encouraged and no common smoking is allowed. The bill comes with additional VAT and Service Charge.

Some signature cuisine along with its price is listed below:-

i)                   Chicken supreme pizza: NRs499

ii)                Vegetarian Exotica:NRs449

iii)              Kadai Paneer Pizza: NRs299

iv)              Pasta in stroganoff  sauce: NRs279

v)                Pasta in mushroom sauce: NRs299

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