Patan, Nepal


Also called Lalitpur(The city Of Arts), this city is believed to be founded in 3rd c. by king Veera Dev. This justifies Lalitpur to be the oldest among all three cities of Kathmandu valley.The city is a centre of Newari Buddhist art and culture.

Some statistics(2009):-

Lalitpur spreads over 385 in area and includes 68922 households inhabited by 337785 people out of which 172445 are male and 165330 are female.

The projected population of Lalitpur for 2011A.D.  is 424219 people incorporating 215037 male and 209182 female.

Lalitpur has 477 primary schools where 3337 teachers teach to  62865 students. Similarly,31651 secondary level students are taught by 1633 teachers in 296 lower secondary schools. And 1404 secondary level teachers teach to 17027 secondary level students in 233 secondary level schools.

Major sites:-

1 Patan durbar square

2 Ashok stupa

3 Golden temple

4The only zoo of Nepal

5 Krishna Mandir

6 Tushahity: the ancient Royal bath

7 Bhimsen temple

8 Lakure Vanjyaang: the ideal place for hiking

Way of Reaching:-

Patan which lies across river Bagmati is only 7km south-east of Kathmandu.

Micro buses from Ratnapark to lalitpur depart every 10 minutes and it takes 35minutes ride to reach there costing NRs15 per person.

One can easily find hotels of different standards providing different facilities here, the room ranging from Nrs300-NRs1000 per person per night.

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