Panch Pokhari


There exist five holy ponds in the North of Nauling and Chyochyo Hill giving the place its name-Panch Pokhari(meaning Five ponds).


Panch Pokhari lies in Votang VDC in the North- Eastern part of Sindhupalchowk District to the North of Nauling and Choche hills at an altitude of about 4100m above sea level. These ponds are taken to be the source of origin of Indrawati River.


It is world’s ninth pond in consideration of height where birds can be found.

Major Festival:-

Srawan Purnima( the full moon day in month of Srawan i.e. August) and Bhadra Purnima( the full moon day in month of Bhadra i.e. September) are the days of great importance here during which huge numbers of Devotees visit here in traditional dresses. ‘Jhankri Naach’- The dance of Local Shaman can be seen performed on these days.

Major Attractions:-

1 There exist five ponds near to each other yet these five ponds are filled with water of five different colors.

2 The nearby hill is the dwelling place of many species of birds and sweet smelling flowers.

3 One can have a close-up view of Jugal Mountain and the wildlife such as snow bear, Red Panda and Snow Leopard which inhabits the mountain while various species of rhododendrons and herbs are also found here.

4 One can get acquainted with the rich culture and lifestyle of people of the village that lies on the way to Panch Pokhari.

How to reach:-

There are two main ways to reach Panch Pokhari.

One can reach to Melamchi via Kathmandu (which is 68km far from Kathmandu) in a bus that is available from Old Buspark after passing through Banepa, Dhulikhel, Lamidada and Kunta on the way. Alternatively, Melamchi can be reached through Sankhu of Kathmandu ( Melamchi is 38km far from Sankhu)upon which you have to pass through Jaharisangand Bahunpati.

1st way: After reaching Melamchi, one can trek for 2-3 days to reach


2nd way: Move for Chautara( the district headquarter of Sindhupalchowk) and then walk for 2-3 days through the village and forests of bamboo and pine while enjoying the views of Gauri Shanker, Langtang and Jugal Himal through Syaule and ChyoChyo Hill to reach Panch Pokhari.

Where to Stay:-

Since the place is remote, there is no facility of Hotels,Lodges or Tea Houses in the area. One can set up a camp however. Only few villages can be seen on the way.

Word of Caution:-

1Since the lake is situated at high altitude (about4100m), there is a great possibility that you might suffer from High Altitude Sickness. So you must carry Local Herbs like Onion, Ginger, Lemon and Garlic along with you and chew slowly when needed. 

2 Monsoon season is not considered favorable for Trekking in this region.

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