Nightclubs in Pokhara

In Nepal, nightlife is quiet a new practice. Only few cities offer you with an experience of nightlife in Nepal and night out in Pokhara is one of them. Girls are still restricted from hanging out late at night by the parents so there are not many girls in bars that open in night. Nightclubs in Pokhara remain open until nearly midnight during which entire city springs to life where local girls and boys dance with the tourists to the tune of Nepali, Bollywood and English songs. The nightclubs and nightbars in Pokhara get close down after midnight. Police visit the clubs and hotels regularly to ensure that no illegal activities are being conducted in the clubs and hotels. Nightlife in Pokhara reaches its zenith every year from Christmas to New Year. Street food festival is organized during these days. Hanging out in christmas is a pleasant experience. Streets will be flooded with light. Couples can be seen walking leisurely on the street by holding hands of each other. The scene depicts the deep level of bonding and affection that the two love birds have for each other.

Nightclubs in Pokhara are preferred more than nightclubs in Kathmandu because there is less harassment in Pokhara in comparison to clubs in Kathmandu. Weekend remain the most busy days for clubs and bars during which significant number of couples, friends and groups visit the hotels, clubs and bars to enjoy the ultimate thrill of wild party in Pokhara. Comparing to weekdays, weekend nightlife is more fun as lots of people prefer eating outside of their home during weekends. Thus Pokhara nightclubs have not only helped single people to find their sweet heart but it also allows family members to spend quality time together. Lakeside or Baidam offers best nightlife in Pokhara as it is clustered with some of the best hotels, guest houses, bars, pubs, dance clubs and restaurants in Pokhara.

Lakeside area holds the largest numbers of hotels in Pokhara. Sky Lounge- Cafe, Bar & Grill, Club Amsterdam Cafe & Bar, Old Blue’s Bar, Laila’s Bar, Busy Bee Cafe, Club Paradiso, Ibiza Dance Restaurant, Cafe Concerto, Blue Lagoon, All That Jazz, Bullet Base Camp, Firefly Bar and Nasha Club are the list of nightclubs in Pokhara which I personally think are the top nightclubs of Pokhara. Along with nightclubs and nightbars, there are also some of the best dance clubs in Pokhara which warmly welcome both locals and foreigners. Some of the balls have got pool and snookers board as well which simply doubles the entertainment for you.




List of Night Clubs in Pokhara 

Sky Lounge- Cafe, Bar & Grill is known for its friendly environment, elite ambiance, live sports shows and movie which is displayed in wide television set. Enjoy some of the best cocktail mixture or try Sisha that has been brought originally from Dubai

Club Amsterdam Cafe & Bar offers great hangout place where you can relax and forget the strain that you had to endure during the day. Just grab a seat on stools, take sip from the drinks available at the bar and enjoy the live music. Compared to other drinks, the gin served here is not that popular among crowds. Club Amsterdam is also popular among local crowds for offering the live show of  football matches.

Existing at the main street is an intricately designed All that Jazz Restaurant where you can enjoy the sumptuous meal amid the jazz songs. In fact All that Jazz is the only one Live Jazz Bar in Pokhara. All that Jazz has got its own stage at the front which is used by many top singers for live performance of jazz songs time and again. All that Jazz has got its own Brown Bar where liquors from both local and foreign brands are available in reasonable price.

Included among the newly opened bars in Nepal, Bullet Basecamp is the Dutch- Aussie project which locates itself bit far from Lakeside. Amuse yourself with Pool or enjoy the liquors. Both local and imported liquors are available at Bullet Base Camp. Get free WiFi access and receive best travel tips. They can even arrange for bullet bike tour in Pokhara. It is the perfect place for having talks in a tranquil atmosphere while slowly sipping the drink.

Busy Bee Pub situated in Lakeside is one of the best nightclubs in Pokhara. Interact with people from around the globe and enjoy the live music that is played by local band. Busy Bee is heaven for those looking for dates in Pokhara. Busy Bee Pub is relatively cheap bar in Pokhara. Choose whether you wish to sit in an open space or you like staying indoors.

Club Nasha is a dance club where drinks and various dishes are available. You can amuse yourself by hitting the dance floor while swaying your body to the dancing beats. No entrance fee is charged at Club Nasha.

FireFly is newly opened Bar in Pokhara which is worth visiting by anybody that are looking for dance bar with restaurant in Pokhara.


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