Nepali Momo Recipe

Momo is the most easily available food in Nepal. Small tin roofed shops to Big Five star hotels have accepted Momo in their kitchen. So, today, we are here with simple to make Nepali Momo recipe.
Known as dumplings in English, Momo recipe was first originated in Tibet. It became popular in Nepal because it is easy to make, uses almost no oil, is highly nutritious, is cooked with steam and it can be easily digested. Thus, momo is a healthy food that can be enjoyed by all.

How to make Nepali Momo Achar

Nepali Momo Achar which is also known as Nepali Momo Sauce is simple to make.

Ingredients needed for Momo jhol achar
Tomatoes – 10 pieces
Sesame seed  – 3 table spoon

cumin seeds – 1 table spoon
Red Chilies – 6 pieces
Garlic – 2 pieces

Lemon- 1 piece

Ginger – 1 piece
Coriander – 3 leaves
Salt – to taste

turmeric powder-  1 table spoon


First of all, we need to roast the sesame seed and cumin seeds in frying pan till it turns golden in color. Next, we need to heat sunflower oil in frying pan. We will then add chopped tomatoes, red chilies, garlic, ginger, coriander  and turmeric  powder and cook the mixture till tomatoes get slightly cooked. Later, we will add 700 ml of water in the mixture and then the mixture along with water will be put in blender. Blend the mixture till it gets smooth   and squeeze lemon juice to the paste and thus Nepali momo sauce will be prepared.

Momo types

Steamed Momo
This is the most common type of Momo where momo is cooked in steam from the boiling water.
C- Momo
C-Momo is steamed momo that is literally dipped in sea of tomato achar (pickle). It is too much spicy, red and hot.
Kothey Momo
This is a pan fried momo.
Open Momo
Open Momo differs from other momo in its folding technique. In this kind of momo, Momos are folded only partially so that the fillings can be seen from outside without ever having to break in to see the fillings.
Fried Momo
Fried momo is for those who love crusty dumpling skin.
Sweet Momo
Sweet Momo is popular especially among kids.
Momo Chilli
This is not for everyone but those who can endure the sharp taste of chillies can enjoy the hot sensation of chillies combined with hot momo.

 How to make Nepali Momo

All Momo recipe whether it is recipe for veg momo or recipe for buff momo or mutton momo recipe or chicken momo recipe are almost similar. They differ only in the fillings that are used.
If you are vegetarian, you can try veg momo recipe or paneer momo recipe or khuwa momo recipe. Potato Momo recipe is also becoming popular these days.

Easy Nepali Momo Recipe


Minced Chicken – 500 gm

Grated Onion –  1 piece

Finely Chopped coriander- Quarter cup

Minced ginger- 2 table spoon

Minced garlic-  2 table spoon

Ground coriander- half table spoon

Turmeric- half table spoon

Ground cumin- Quarter tablespoon

Grated Chili- 2 table spoon

Vegetable oil – 2 table spoon

Salt- To Taste

For Wrappers

Maida is the commonly used flour that is used in making dough for momo. Mix maida (wheat flour) with oil, salt and water and knead the mixture.Divide dough into several small pieces. Make the dough balls by rolling the dough piece in palms so as to make the pieces circular in shape. Next, we need to flatten the dough ball  so that it can become a wrapper. The standard wrapper is 3 inch in diameter.

For Filling

Take a large bowl and mix all ingredients at one place and then cover the bowl and leave the mixture for about 15 minutes for enhancing the flavor.

For Momo Making

After we lay the wrapper on table, we need to place 1 table spoon of filling at the center of wrapper. Then, we need to bring all corners of wrapper to its center. Next, we need to twist the collected corners so that all the edges get locked.

Next, we will heat up a steamer by adding water at its base. It is important that we dub the steamer rack with oil so that momo will not get stick in the rack.

After placing momos inside container, we need to cover the lid and steam dumplings for about 10 minutes. Finally, the cooked momos are taken out of steamer and placed in a plate and these momo are served with momo ko achar which has been prepared before making momo.

For better taste, serve it hot.

We hope you like our Nepali Momo recipe. Please share your opinion in comment section. You can also request us about the recipe that you would want to know about. Happy cooking!!!


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