Nepal has reduced cost of climbing Everest

Many mountain climbers are happy to hear that Nepal has reduced cost of climbing Everest. According to the changed price, single climber has to pay just USD 11,000 from now on for Everest Climbing license fee. Previously, the fee was USD 25000. In Pound Sterling, foreigners have to pay £6500.

Nepal Government has decided to stop providing Group discount for climbers coming in group. So, according to the new fee of climbing Everest from Nepal, Everest Climbers has to pay per person irrespective of the group size. This attempt is thought to check the crowd in Everest during peak season.

Everest Climbers from Nepal has to pay USD 750 if they wish to climb Everest during spring season which is the best season for climbing Everest. By minimizing the cost, Nepal Government hopes to attract more small groups. Now, people do not have to be the part of large group anymore which has made Everest climbing way easier than before. But there is a risk. Many Everest Experts are raising question about safety issue. They do not think small groups can match with the safety procedures that are provided by the large groups. Besides, critics have also said that this decision will open Everest climbing simply for everyone which is too risky. There exists a possibility that anyone with no training or basic skills may join the expedition.

Although, the decision to reduce the cost of climbing Everest is a positive news, government should pay more attention to ensure that the companies operating Everest Expedition are capable of organizing the expedition at every respect and that they have enough resources to ensure safety of climbers.

The reduction in price is sure to attract more crowd in Everest. So, there should be detailed study on how to manage the influx of crowd in Everest.

The major problem with increase of crowd on Everest will be waste management.

Total cost of climbing Everest

Everest Climbing Permit Cost is USD 11,000 per person

Life Insurance of Mountain Workers is around USD 15,000

Other fees (Cost of hiring liaison officer to join the team at Everest Base Camp, basic medical support fee etc) is around USD 1500

Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp Transportation costs around USD 4000

Cost of hiring a Sherpa is around USD 5000

Managing camp and stocking food and supplies costs around USD 2000

Cost of bottled oxygen, oxygen mask and regulator costs around USD 4000

Climbing gears like down jacket and boots costs around USD 7000

Miscellaneous Expenses is around USD 10,000

Apart from these expenses, you need to pay for Nepal Entry Visa Fee, Climbing Insurance for emergency rescue and others.

Nepalese climbing operators are providing incredible support to its clients at cheap price. If you want to save money in climbing Everest, I would recommend you to choose large expedition operators. When the group size is big, the expenses gets evenly distributed among the climbers which reduces the cost.


Since Nepal has reduced Everest climbing cost, it is expected that Everest will be able to magnetically attract  huge influx of  climbers towards the highest mountain in the world.

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