Nepal constitution 2072 2015 Features

After long dead lock, leaders are finally able to issue new Nepal Constitution 2072 2015. New Constitution of Nepal was promulgated at 6 pm of 20th September. Constitution of Nepal 2072 was passed on September 16 by CA meeting which guaranteed Nepal as a federal democratic republican state. This is the first time that Nepal has achieved Constitution that is issued by Constitution Assembly that is wholly selected by Nepalese public.

There are 27 Chapters and 302 Articles  in New Constitution of Nepal 2072.

Highlights of Nepal constitution 2072 2015 Features

1. Nepal is a federal state which means there will be no unitary structure. For n ow, leaders have proposed seven federal states.

2. Nepal is an equitable state and the Nepalese society will be governed according to the principle of proportional inclusion and participation which is a significant step towards economic equality and social justice.
3. Nepal is a competitive multi-party democratic system.

4. Full rights have been given to people including Civic freedom, fundamental rights, human rights and voting rights.

5. Full press freedom and independent, fair and competent judiciary is guaranteed.

6. Nepal is a secular state. Everybody has right to adopt the religion they want.

7. Executive rights of the country is vested on the Council of Ministers.

8. President is the ceremonial head-of-the-state.

9. New Constitution of Nepal 2072 2015 ensures a bi-cameral federal parliament.

10. There is an end of Monarchy in Nepal. President is the head of state while prime minister that is appointed by constitution assembly holds executive power.

Positive Features of New Constitution Nepal 2072 2015

1. This is a flexible constitution. It can easily be amended by 2-3rd majority of parliament members.


2. The number of states and boundaries of state can easily be amended according to constitution. The name of state will be given by 2-3rd majority of federal constitution assembly members while the boundary of state will be fixed by special commission.

3. Nepal will be ruled according to constitutional presidency while prime minister is the executive head. President will now be elected by Federal Constitution Assembly Members and Central Constitution Members.

4. Prime Minister can not dissolve Constitution Assembly while no one can register Abiswas ko Prastab against Prime Minister for first two years. This action is believed to make stable Nepalese government.

5.  Nepal has adopted mixed election system. There will be two Constitution Assembly- Representative Assembly and National Assembly. In Representative Assembly, there will be 165 Directly elected Members and 110 proportionate members. There will be 56 members elected from 7 states and President appointed 3 members in National Assembly.

6.  State will be ruled according to Federal, provincial and Local structure. In Central state, there will be Ministry with maximum 25 members. No people who has lost election can be prime minister.

7. There will be total 550 members in Parliament.

8. Supreme Court will be in Central State. There will be High Court in each state while District Court will be in each District Headquarter.

These are some of the salient features of New Constitution of Nepal.

Let us pray together that this new constitution will fulfill the dream of New Nepal.


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