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In Nepal, airlines companies have become boon to the people living on mountainous region. Majority of land portion in Nepal is covered with hills and mountains. So, building roads have been an issue of great challenge. Prior to domestic airline services, people living on mountainous region had to rely on perilous means like yaks and donkeys for their transportation which could take several months.

Taking this factor into consideration, Nepal Government has adopted the open sky policy which has allowed the private sectors to provide domestic air service in Nepal. Initiation has been taken by both government and private sector to provide air service in Nepal. Currently, there are about dozen airlines companies operating in Nepal that are regularly operating flights in 44 out of 75 districts in Nepal.

History of air service in Nepal dates back to 1st July 1958 when Nepal Government founded the then Royal Nepal Airlines to provide air transportation in both national and international level. During those days, only Royal Nepal Airlines used to provide airlines service in Nepal. But with passage of time, the list of airlines companies in Nepal have grown in significant number.

Some of the airlines operating in Nepal include

nepal airlines


Nepal Airlines

Nepal airlines which was formally known as Royal Nepal Airlines before announcement of Nepal as a People’s Republic is the government owned airways company and it is the first airlines company to start air service in Nepal.

Official website of Nepal airlines corporation  is from where you can gain information about Royal Nepal Airlines Flight Schedule.  Nepal Airlines is currently operating its services in more than 30 domestic and 7 international routes. Log in to its official website for Royal Nepal Airlines Online booking. You can give a call at +977-1-4225348 for further inquiry. Head Office of Nepal airlines is located at New Road, Kathmandu.

Buddha Air

Adorned with Highest Safety Award from Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of the Government of Nepal, Buddha Air has become the preferred brand name among Nepalese and foreigners alike. Buddha Air began its service on 23rd April 1996 and it has provided services to 3.50 million passengers till date. Head office of Buddha Air is at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Visit which is the official site of Buddha Air for Online air ticket booking in Nepal. You can reach Buddha Air Representative through the landline number +977-1-5537726 for further details. Buddha Air provides mountain flight services as well. Visit official website for Buddha air flight schedule and flight cost.

Yeti airlines

Having started its service with two DHC-6/300 series ‘Twin Otter’ aeroplanes, Yeti Airlines now owns as many as 14 aircrafts. Yeti Airlines has always focused on providing services to the people in mountainous regions and for this reason it has made regular flights to desolate areas with STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) airports like Lamidanda, Simikot, Lukla, Rumjatar and Phaplu. Yeti Airlines has provided its service to millions of passengers in its history of over 15 years. It owns as many as seven British Aerospace jetstream-41 planes. Online ticket booking service is available at Yeti Airlines. You can give a ring at +97714465888 or send your queries at Yeti Air also provides mountain flight services.Visit official website for Yeti air flight schedule and flight cost.

Sita Air

Sita Air began its domestic flight service with Dornier 228-202k aircraft on 6th February 2003. It aims to provide cargo and charter flight services in rural Nepal with STOL (Short take off and landing) airports. It currently owns four Dornier Fairchild manufactured DO 228-202/202k/212 twin engine Turboprop aircraft fitted with Garrett TPE 331-10T/5A engine. Sita Air has its base station at Sinamangal, Kathmandu. You can book online ticket of Sita Air through its official website You can make a call at +977-1 4110710 or 4110597 for further details.

Tara air

Tara Air focuses on providing air service to people of rural and mountainous region. It operates regular flights on STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) Airports. It currently owns five Twin Otter (DHC 6/300) and three Dornier (DO 228) aircrafts. The official website of Tara Air is Online booking of chartered flight is available at Tara Air. It has its Head Office at Tilganga, Kathmandu. You can give a call at +977 1 4488788 for further information.

Simrik Airlines

Established in 2009, Simrik Airlines is a domestic Airlines Company having its base station at Sinamangal, Kathmandu. You can make a call at +977-1-4490844 or 4490103 for booking air ticket.


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