Namo Buddha

Secret behind the name:-

Legend holds this place was once visited by prince “Maharidaya” –son of king Maharathruler of the small villa amid “Sankhu” and “Panauti”. Here, in the thickets of woods, the youngest prince got encountered with a starving tigress and her five cubs. His compassion for tigress made him to lacerate his flesh with the branch of nearby tree and feed her. He died instantly. Centuries later, Buddha, after being enlightened, visited here and paid respect in the chaitya (lotus-bud-shaped stupa) where sacred relics of Maharidaya was believed to be kept. Buddha is believed to have said to his desciples that ages before, he had sacrificed his life here and this was his rebirth in Lumbini. Since this is the place to which Buddha greeted, the place got its name-Namo buddha.

Facts regarding Namo buddha:-

1 Namo buddha, being the 3rd holy place after Swoyamvu and Bouddhanath has high religious importance among Buddhists.

2 Being nestled on the green hill far from hustle and bustle of city area,it is  remote in access,so the place is bliss to people seeking solace. All visitors are welcomed and treated equally here, irrespective of their religious and social background.

3 Majority of people living here are Gurungs and Rais and animal rearing is their major occupation.


Buddha Purnima(full moon of lord buddha’s birth) which falls on late April or early May is the busiest day to be experienced here. Devout Buddhists from far and wide visit the place on this day to show reverence to lord Buddha.

Offerings of rice, coins, flowers and flaming wicks (kapaas ko batti)  are made to the god. Stupas and ways all over the hilltop are gaily decorated with festoons, bunting (dhwajaa) and ancient religious tapestries.



Namobuddha lies 45km far from Kathmandu. Buses from Kathmandu to Kavre can easily be found from puraano buspark (near Ratnapark). It costs NRs40 per person and takes 2hrs to reach to Kavre. Following the 4 km paved road and then 6km gravel road, one can reach the hill.

Place to stay:-

Hotels can easily be available here, the price ranging from NRs300-NRs800 per night. However since the place is near, most visitors return back.

My opinion:-

No doubt, Namo Buddha possesses plenty of potentiality to attract both religious and fun loving visitors. The only thing it lacks is publicity.

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