The Gateway to Paradise – Lumbini!

Tired of your stereotyped life and want to add some colours into it? Looking out for some exotic destinations to relish your mind and body? Look no further! We’ve found a beautiful place in Nepal that will leave you awestruck. As they say, The World is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page. With us, explore the unchartered and unconquered territories of this small yet magnificent country – Nepal.

Lumbini Terai, an ancient part of Terai west of Chitwan is the birth place of Lord Buddha. The place is best known for Sonauli, the main tourist border between Nepal and India. Such is the religious importance of this place that it attracts around 4 lac Buddhists every year. Listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place holds enormous archaeological and historical importance.

Words are not enough to describe the nostalgic beauty of this place. People here are of heavenly nature and leave no stone unturned in showing their hospitality. What are you waiting for? Board a ticket to Nepal and en route your way to Lumbini to experience a life-changing journey.

Famous as the Buddha’s birth place, this place remained undiscovered for centuries until a German archaeologist found the great pillar while he was hovering around the foothills of Churia range. This place revived its significance after they found out the existence of the brick temple that depicts the scenes and scriptures of Lord Buddha’s birth. It is believed that Maya Devi, Buddha’s mother, gave birth to the Lord while resting in Lumbini under a sal tree. Sanskrit and Pali literature also boasts of the beauty of Lumbini.

How to reach there?

Local buses run regularly between Lumbini and Bhairawa. You may easily board one at a cheap rate of Rs. 25. The journey of around 2.5 hours is a joy-ride amidst traditional farms and tall mango trees. There’s also a facility of luxury car available from Bhairawa that can be boarded at a rate of Rs. 500.

What to see?

There are many enchanting places in Lumbini Terai that would make you spell bound with its mesmerizing beauty and lustre. Come, let’s tread over the lesser-treaded regions of Lumbini.

Sacred Garden:


Dating back to 623 BC, this place marks the birth place of Siddhartha Buddha, who later became the Lord Buddha. However, the garden is famously known for the commemorative pillar that erected by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka of India back in 249 BC.n in 623 BC. The nativity site is marked by a commemorative pillar erected by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka of India during his pilgrimage to the holy site in 249 BC. It is spread over 9 sq. km – as the spot where the Enlightened One was born.

Ashokan Pillar:

To mark the grandeur occasion of Indian emperor Ashoka’s visit to Lumbini in 249 BC, a standstone pillar was inscribed. This pillar remained undiscovered for centuries. It was only after the efforts by the governor of Palpa, Khagda Shumsher Rana who brought this place was back into lime light. This 6m high pink sandstone is of immense importance in the eyes of Nepali Buddhists.

World Peace Pagoda:

The World Peace Pagoda, built by Nippon Jon Kyohogi, depicts the ultimate illustration of magnificent and mind-blowing architecture. This 41 m tall structure with four different Buddha statues set into the stupa’s dome facing the four cardinal directions. Near the base of the stupa is the grave of a Japanese monk, murdered by anti-Buddhist extremists who hated the Buddha’s population while the monument was still under construction.

Great Drigung Kagyud Lotus Stupa

Built by German Tara Foundation, this incredible stupa is a wonder in itself. Every day, number of priests and disciples gather to serve prayers to Lord Buddha. It is one of the Mahayana monasteries which is set around an L-shaped pond.

Maya Devi Temple:

Found over centuries ago, this place is the depiction of a legend’s birth. The temple was built to mark the auspicious occasion of Buddha’s birth and it revives its name from the Buddha’s mother, Maya Devi. The sacred Puskarni Pond surrounds the sacred spot and is of greater importance as Queen Mayadevi took bath before having labour pains and the new-born also took bath in this pond which doubles its significance. Excavations have revealed the “marking stone”, where exact spot of Buddha’s birth is marked and it has now become the USP if this place and has attracted tonnes of historians till date. Special care is taken by the pilgrims that this place remains untouched and unsploit.

Lumbini Crane Sanctuary:

The people here are wild-life and nature lovers. They have well preserved the animal sanctuary that showcases the rare sarus cranes which is a hard sight in metro cities in today’s time. Come here and get lost in the serene beauty of this place. Just hop in to this place as there’s no such formal entry or fee that can restrict you from taking the lure of this out-of-the-world place.

Lumbini Museum:

Want to explore the experience-rich principles of Lord Buddha? Here’s a place for you. Learn every minute details about Buddha in this Lumbini Museum. Moved by the holy presence of Buddha in this place, the Buddhists built a museum dedicated to the life of the Buddha, with artefacts and photos from Buddhist sites all around the world. The architecture of this library is magnificent, with a pile of brick cylindrical blocks fitted with large windows.

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastry


This place is the eye-candy for the tourists and you’re sure to get fascinated with its architecture. Carved out of white marble, it is built in Thai-style monastery. Like its name implies, it is royal and symbolises high-birth.


Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery


Deeply symbolizing the Forbidden City, this place is rich in Chinese culture. It is a kind of amalgamation of Buddhist and Chinese style. This composure style of pagoda makes it unique and one of its kind.

Things to do:

Street Shopping:

People here earn their living by selling handicrafts and handmade clothes. Although they weave by their hands, the quality isn’t sacrificed and all the items are available at a very cheap rate. Have a tour around the market and we assure you that those glistening accessories are sure to take your attention.

Forest Safari:


Sagarhawa, the forest site, is believed to be the “Palace of the Massacre of the Shakyas”. The ruins of the site are still left out on the banks of Lumbu Sagar. Explore the mystery of the massacre on your ride through this mysterious forest.

Bullock Ride:


Majority of the people dwelling here are farmers and earn their bread by raring cows and cattles. The Bullock ride along the farms is an experience in itself. The farmers would mind giving a free ride to you! Go. Chase you wildest dreams!

Food Hub of Lumbini:

Though it is village, it doesn’t lack in luxurious amenities. The food and venue makes you feel like home to you and don’t be surprised if you see well equipped and hygienic restaurants over here. Here’s a list of some of the restaurants for you halt.

Threefox Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the heart of the village. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with colourful Buddhist curtains and paintings on the wall. It gives you a perfect vintage look. There are variety of foods available here, ranging from Tibetian, Indian and the Western food. The outside look gives the purview of the main bazaar.


Lumbini Garden Restaurant

Missing Grandma’s food? Not anymore! You’re at the right place. Want traditional dishes for your dinner? Just ask for it and you’d be loaded with choices that will leave you confused to choose from. Located by the main car park, it is a modern red-brick place serving the dishes with beverages.
Pilgrim’s Rest Cottage

Tired of long and wearing journey? Want some rest and looking for a resort to your dilemma? Pilgrim’s Rest Cottage is made for you. Staying here is cheap yet the quality of stay is not compromised. This cottage, located near the Burmese stupa, provides hungry men and women with food, clothes and shelter and has earned good value since ages. The pilgrims who visit Lumbini every year take refuge under this cottage.

Peace Land Restaurant

Well known among the locals, this lime-green restaurant has tasty chicken for non-vegetarians. Moreover, for vegatarians’ it has chow mein, curries and cold beer to match up with their taste. The food is cheap and would easily match up you budget.

Lumbini is a land where you may be a target of pocket-picketers, anytime. Hence we advice to take special while you’re travelling through the lanes of Lumbini. Make sure while commuting, you’re carrying less valuables with you .Be Safe and Happy Journey!


Once you’re here, you’d always belong to here. Start saving for this trip and you’re never regret your decision of turning your heads to Lumbini. There are some amazing places that are in proximity to Lumbini and can be reached by bus or bike.

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