There are two equally popular tales regarding the naming of Lamjung.

1 In Tibetan language, the word ‘Lama’ suggests to ‘The people with ocean of wisdom’ and ‘Jong’ means ‘Fort’. Thus the area has been believed to be developed as a Fort by some Lama thus giving it the name- LamaJong which turned to Lamjung with change in time.

2 Two people namely Kusmakar Ghimire and Khaje Dura who dwelt in Dura Dada asked for approval of King Kulamandan Shah to take his 7th– the youngest son named Yasobramha Shah with them so that they could make him the King of Dura Dada. YasoBramha was fast asleep in a laam(meaning line in Nepali) along with his other six elder brothers at the time. Thus since he was taken from a laam, the place was named ‘Laamjong’ and it got distorted to present form- ‘Lamjung’.

Heresy says Dura people had already taken the second son Kalu Shah with them for same reason but Seganta people killed him with a poisoned arrow. Dura were successful in proving their innocence. So the King had told them to select any of his sons from a Laam except his Eldest Son.


It is a district lying in Gandaki Zone-midway between Kaski and Gorkha district. Total 40 percent land of Lamjung is covered by high mountains above 2000 meter. Besisahar lies 177km West of Kathmandu and is a nice place for accommodation purpose.

Major Attractions:-

1 Lamjung is known as the Gateway of Manang– ‘The district beyond Himal’.

2 It is rich in cultural Heritages, bio diversity and Natural beauty.

3 Lamjung is an abode for different ponds and lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests and Gurung Culture.

4 Enchanting views of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayan Ranges can be seen from Lamjung.

5 Besi Sahar( The District HeadQuarter of Lamjung) is the starting point to initiate the trekking upto Tourist Areas like Bimda, Puma, Siurung, GhaleGaon, Khasur, Tatopani Kunda, Dudh Pokhari, Vulvule, Pasgaon, Vujung and GhanPokhara.

6 Annapurna Conservation Areathat covers Northern and Western Lumbini.

Some Statistics(2001):-

Lamjung is extended in an area of 1692 where total 177149 people dwell in 36525 Houses with an Average HouseHold Size of 4.85. Total 83406 Male and 93743 female lives in Lamjung. Hinduism is the main religion here as the data shows: there are 103574 Hindu, 71495 Buddhists, 712 Muslims, 8 Kirats, 35 Jains, 644 Christians, 9 Sikhs, 2Bahais while 670 people follow other religions.

How To Reach:-

Buses and Micro Buses are easily available either from New Buspark or from Kalanki to Lamjung.

People and Culture:-

Lamjung is a district with shelter for Mixed Cultures.Gurung and Ghale are found inhabiting Upper parts while Chhetri, Brahmin and Newar lived in Southern lowland Area. Gurung, Magar and Nepali are the chief languages spoken.


While traditional occupations like Farming and Animal husbandry are the major occupation of people inhabiting here, some people have their family members working in British and Indian Army too.

Some places to be Visited inside Lamjung:-


Besisahar is a district head quarter of Lamjung. Being the District Headqurter, it has got access to phone and internet. Mini bus and Micro bus are frequently seen coming into and going out of major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. There are also many big and small Hotels, Lodges and Restaurants lying on both the sides of street which serves local as well as other dishes.


Puma is a small village which lies to the North of Besisahar on the top of hill at an altitude of about 1500m. It is 3-4 hrs. walking distance far from BesiSahar.

Majority of people living here are Gurung, kami and Damai. Exotic scenes of  Lamjung Himal and Annapurna Mountain Range can be viewed from the Village.


Siurung is a Village lying in Lamjung at an altitude of 1,854 meters from the sea level. It nestles in the lap of Manaslu Mountain and is situated in ward no.8 and 9 of Khudi VDC. Traditional houses with Slated and Thatched Roofs and Gurung Dance are among its attractions. The people are extremely Hospitable to Visitors as they are welcomed with Tika and Garland upon entrance to Siurung and bade with Farewell Song at departure. Ghyabre, Sorathi,Ghatu and Krishna Charitra Dances are performed for Entertainment. Home Stay is available for Accomodation. One can trek upto Sikles and Tangting( Villages of Kaski) from Siurung.

4 Vujung

Lying at a height of1600m above the sea level, Vujung is taken to be the largest Gurung Village in Lamjung as it inhabits about 350 Households. Vujung is a Gurung dominated Village and thus is well known for the study of Gurung Culture and Lifestyle. There is a provision of Pahuna Ghar (Guest Room) and facility of Home stay in Vujung for the accommodation of Visitors. Traditional Dances like Sorathi and Ghatu are performed clothed in Traditional Dresses accompanied by Traditional musical Instruments like Saranggi to entertain the Visitors.

Vujung lies 8-9 Walking Distance far from The District Headquarter- BesiSahar.

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