Jardin Food and Wine Garden

Best Restaurant in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

Jardin Food and Wine Garden is the place that you should not miss if you are looking for best restaurant in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. What you must know is that this food court has opening hours from noon to 10 pm. So, you will be disappointed if you were thinking about having your morning breakfast at Jardin.

I have had best lunch and dining experience with my family in the quaint environment at this restaurant. Evening meal is served after 6 pm and the place is crowded with diners till 10 pm. The service they offer is  above par. Once, I stayed at this restaurant till late as I lost track of time. Later I panicked about returning home and shared my problem with their staff.  They were generous to call a cab for me upon my request.

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Jardin Food and Wine Garden Menu

Speaking of Jardin Food and Wine Garden Menu, I like to start my lunch with Buffalo Mozzarella Salad which comes in a plate with bedding of green vegetables upon which is mounted massive mozzarella that is dressed with a sweet fluid.

I prefer to have Salmon Rosettes for my dinner. Salmon Rosettes comes with pannacotta and a soy dressing. The pannacotta balances the strong taste of soy dressing.

Other favorite include sweet- hot orange broth with boneless grilled chicken that comes in a plate with basmati rice, chicken drumsticks and cooked slices of orange. You can also try chicken teriyati here. I love the gravy, crunchy onions and potatoes that comes with chicken teriyati.

I love taking chocolate fondant for the dessert.

Jardin opens seven days a week. Visit this place for fantastic continental dishes. You can find both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Enjoy sitting in meticulous garden beneath fluttering prayer flags or loss yourself in the enigmatic, warm and peaceful indoors. You will enjoy your fullest whether you come as an individual or couple or with friends and family. The service is professional.

Jardin Food Price

Be warned though, they add VAT and Service Charge on your bill. About NRs 1000 would be enough to give yourself a Royal lunch experience for a single person.


Jardin Food and Wine Garden is located in Jhamsikhel, Thado Dhunga. You can make reservations by dialing telephone number 01- 5522964. Mail your queries at mailjardin@gmail.com. Visit this food paradise once and you will know why we call it the best restaurant in Sanepa.

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