How to make chatpate at home-Nepali style

There are many of us who want to know how to make chatpate at home-Nepali style. Chatpate is one of the cheapest street food that is easily available all over Nepal. It is no secret that roads in Nepal are covered in dirt and dust and on the top of that, most of the people selling chatpate maintain very low hygiene. Neither could people eat chatpate on the road nor could they give up the tangy taste of chatpate. So, the only alternative was to welcome it as a home dish.
Talking about my personal experience, chatpate has helped me a lot in keeping me awake during my examination period. My sister just loves its hot and sour taste. Based on the major ingredient used, there can be wai wai chatpate or chana chatpate or other varieties of chatpate. Puffed rice is the universal ingredient used in this dish.



1 cup Puffed rice
Quarter cup chickpea (fried or soaked/ I prefer fried ones)
Quarter cup saute peanuts
4 chopped coriander leaves
1 diced large tomato
2 medium size diced potatoes that are boiled
Quarter cup of minced cucumber
1 medium size diced onion
2 tablespoon of citrus juice (imily or lemon or lemonade)
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
1 pinch of chat masala
3 minced Green chilies
1 tablespoon of red chilli powder
Salt to taste

(optional: try adding chopped raw coconut in the ingredient for extra flavor. Trust me,it adds magic to your chatpat).

how to make chatpate at home-Nepali style

Procedure or Steps to make chatpate

No chatpate is complete without puffed rice which is known as Bhujiya in Nepali. Begin by placing puffed rice in a deep bowl. Next, add chickpea, saute peanuts, diced tomato, mashed potatoes, minced cucumber, onion and minced green chillies. Then, salt, red chilli powder and chat masala is sprinkled over the mixture. The mixture is garnished by sprinkling chopped coriander leaves at the top. Then, cooking oil and citrus juice (I prefer lemon but Imilee juice or lapsi juice or lemonade can also be used) is added to the mixture. The mixture is stirred in a way that every bit of bhujiya gets soaked in hot and spicy flavors and then chatpate is ready to be served.
If you want to give it an authentic look, serve chatpate in a paper cone and cut out your own paper spoon. This is the best food to be shared among friends. It is an instant recipe that requires zero cooking time which is one of many other reasons why it is so popular among people.


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