How to fill DV lottery online

Learn how to fill DV lottery online

EDV Lottery is opened for selected countries each year. Here is how to fill dv lottery online for free.
If you are wondering how to fill dv lottery form online for free, then you can simply follow the EDV form filling procedures as given below:
Filling EDV form is a simple process that can easily be completed within 15minutes. The only challenge will be to take your photograph exactly according to the standard suggested by EDV lottery department.

 How to fill DV from Nepal

Get EDV application form by visiting the official EDV website  from where you will get EDV Verify Entrant form as below after clicking on Begin Entry.

How to fill DV lottery online

Please remember that you need to have at least completed your higher secondary level education to be eligible for applying for EDV.

Mention clearly your complete home address including your house number and other Entrant Information according to your citizenship.

Never submit your dv form more than once for one EDV program.

Photo size for DV Lottery

You can learn about photo specifications for DV lottery from HERE

correct photo size for edv lottery

Once you submit the EDV form, you will get a confirmation page.

DV Confirmation Code Sample Page

You will get DV confirmation code in this page. This code is necessary to check EDV result. So, keep your confirmation code safe. This is what the confirmation code page looks like:

DV Confirmation Code Sample Page

EDV which is the Electronic Diversity Visa is the cheapest way for permanent residence in USA.

How to check EDV Result from Nepal?

You can visit the official EDV website and click on EDV Result page afterwards which you will be able to see following page:

How to Check EDV Result from Nepal

Enter the confirmation code that you had received at the time of applying for DV. You will also receive a mail on your physical address that you had given during applying for DV and you will also be notified on your e-mail address if you win the lottery.

What if you forgot Confirmation Number

Once you reach the Entrant Information page as shown above, you can click on forgot confirmation number. Once you click the forgot confirmation link, you will be directed to Verify Entrant page which looks like

verify entrant page for dv sample

Provide correct details of your name, date of birth and e-mail address that you had mentioned in the time of applying for DV and then enter the characters that you see in authentication field before clicking on submit.

You will then get confirmation code on your e-mail id.

How are people selected in DV program?

There are no fixed rule and people are not selected manually. They are selected on random basis by a computerized system. Much is determined by your luck. Hence it is called a lottery.

What is the cost to go to America from Nepal by DV?

If you have been selected under DV program, you can easily reach USA in maximum 2Laks- 4Lakhs NPR.

Apply for EDV 2017 Lottery

EDV 2017 lottery is now open since October 1st and last date of EDV 2017 for Nepal is in 3rd November 2015  which is 17th  Kartik 2072. The EDV 2017 result will be out in March of 2016 and EDV 2017 lottery winners can be in USA within 2017.

We hope this blog was helpful for you to learn how to fill dv lottery form online for free. Please give your views in comment section.

Good luck to you all!!!

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