Fastest way of finding single room for rent in Kathmandu

Finding single room for rent in Kathmandu has been so difficult these days. Many houses got destroyed by the devastating earthquake of April 2015 and several houses have been labelled as too risky to live in which has increased the demand of safe house. It is natural that the price increases when there is increase in demand and the supply is low. Many landlords have increased the price of room by up to 100% while others are insisting that they will lease their house only in flat basis.

Tips on fastest way of finding single room for rent in Kathmandu

Ask for help in finding room with your friends and colleagues. Landlords are reluctant in giving their room on lease to complete stranger. They will be positive if the request comes from someone they already know so that it would be easy to complain if any problem arises in future.

Visit door-to-door. Although considered a traditional way, this is still the popular method that is in use for finding room. This may require patience but you can decide on the spot whether you want to live in that house or not.

Ask if there is a vacant room in the area by visiting grocery shop or tea shop. They can really help you in finding the room that is under your budget.

Location is also an important factor. You have to wait comparatively for a long time to find room inside ringroad than for finding room in suburb Kathmandu.

Ask for help from brokers. Although they will charge commission from you, they can save you from the hardship that you would have to undergo.

You can join Google Group  KTM KTM . Not only can you find rooms and apartments but you can also know about every events and domestic appliances for sale in Kathmandu from this group.

There are few website from where you can rent room in Kathmandu valley. Although many of them deal in apartment and flat booking, some of them also offer room booking service. Hamro Bazar and Rental Nepal  are two trusted websites for renting a room.

Things to be considered while renting a room

Make sure that the room is near to your working place.

It would be beneficial if there is an additional source of water like well. Also, ask with the owner if they have underground water tank. Water is scarce in Kathmandu.

Get some info about people with whom you have to share your flat. Usually, people living with family is preferred while giving rooms for rent.

Always choose the house in which the owner is residing. It is more secure and peaceful than staying in house where there is no landlord.

Choose the room that gets adequate sunlight.

Ask about the extra expenses that you would have to pay like electricity bill, waste management bill, water bill and so on.

If you have a bike, make sure there is an adequate and safe parking space in the house.

Most importantly, see if the price of room fits in your budget. The rate of room is increasing rapidly.

We hope the above tips will be useful in finding single room for rent in Kathmandu in fastest way. Please comment your thoughts if you have any new suggestions. Good luck with your search.



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