HSEB 11 Grade Result Published

HSEB 11 Grade Result Published … Check Yours Now

Here : Type HSEB (space) Symbol-Number and SMS it to 5001.



You can now download SLC result 2071/72 with mark sheet. Finally the wait is over. Office of the Controller of the Examination, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur has published the result on 19th June  2015.  Although the result for SLC used to be published sooner in previous years, the publishing of SLC result was delayed this year due to tragic earthquake of April 25, 2015.  The exam was held on 2071- from March 19 to 29 and the result is published on 2072 (2015).



How to check SLC result 2071/72?

Given below are few easy ways to check SLC result if you are wondering.

i. NTC landline and mobile users

Click here to download SLC 2071/72 result with marksheet/ gradesheet. 

ii. NTC IVR System

You can also use IVR System of NTC and Dial 1600 from PSTN and CDMA phones.

iii. NTC SMS for SLC

You can use your cellphone. Go to new message and Type slc<space><symbol number> and send your sms to 1600.

For example : Type SLC 0205673H and send it to 1600.

iv. Sparrow SMS result for SLC

You can go to new message and type SLC and  type your symbol number and send it to 5001.

Type: slc<space>symbol number and send to 5001

You will receive SMS with pass or fail.

Visit Websites

You can download complete result from official government site. You can also know instantly whether you have passed or failed by entering your symbol number and date of birth and clicking on the search.

Quick facts  of SLC 2071/72

Regular Category

Total 405338 students appeared on regular category.

192267 (47.43%) of students have passed SLC in regular category.

21,247 examinees have passed exam with distinction under regular category.

90,176 students have  passed exam with first division under regular category.

76,482  students passed exam with second division under regular category.

4,362  passed exam with third division under regular category.

5,099 examinees dropped their exam under regular category .

Exam of 1,199 students was withheld under regular category

Exam of 612 students was cancelled under regular category

83 students were expelled for their misconduct under regular category

Exempted Category

Total 136051 students appeared on exempted category this year.

18,728 students (13.80 percentage) have passed SLC on exempted category.

2 students passed with distinction on exempted category

348 students passed with first division on exempted category

14,413 students passed with second division on exempted category

4,015 students passed with third division on exempted category

9,200 examinees dropped their exam under regular category .

Exam of  209 students was withheld under regular category

Exam of 686 students was cancelled under regular category

83 students were expelled for their misconduct under regular category


Total 405338 students gave SLC this year.

47.43 percentage of students i.e. 192267 students have passed SLC in this year .

How to apply for retotalling?

Although there is no provision of rechecking for SLC, the students who are not satisfied with their marks or who think there has been a mistake in calculation of the marks they had obtained can apply for retotalling. So, hurry up soon and apply for retotalling within 15days from the day the result was published. Due to the recent changes in provision for retotalling, the number of days has been limited to 15days from 35days.  According to the government officials, the rule was changed so that the students could get the new results prior to the beginning of complimentary exams. It is not likely to happen that anyone who gets failed marks will get passed if they go for retotalling. So, do not waste your money and make wise decision. Go for retotalling if and only if you are certain that you should have got better marks.

Supplementary exam routine for SLC 2071/72 

Due to the tragic earthquake, the SLC result was delayed. So, there will be delay in Supplementary exam too. First of all, you need to fill the examination form for Supplement exam. The exam form will be available from District Education Office.  Only those first time SLC appearing students who have failed in maximum two subjects  are considered eligible for Supplementary exam. You need to provide attested copy of SLC Marksheet 2071 and Admit Card of SLC 2071 as required documents for submitting Supplementary Exam form. The Office of Controller of Education will then publish the Supplementary Exam Routine and Exam centers.

Percentage system or grading system- which is better for SLC Exam evaluation?

SLC is taken as an iron gate and is considered the most important examination as it comes in the transition phase during which students leave school and join campus. The result in SLC determines the career in which the student moves on. So, all of the parents have higher expectations from their children which adds unnecessary extra pressure in students. Many of them commit suicide due to being unable to pass SLC. Government is aware of this fact and it has decided to publish SLC result in grade system from next year which is a positive decision by the way. The habit of comparing one’s percentage with others led many students into frustration.

Our next blog will be on – Which subjects are available in Nepal after SLC?

Students who have passed with distinction or first division often get pressure from their family to join science while students obtaining second place join management and students with third division join Humanities. This is just the stereotype subject selection in Nepal. The things should be changed. Students should be allowed to choose the subject according to their interest and not according to their grade. Parents must encourage their children to freely discuss about their future plan in front of them. Students who have passed SLC can either join HSEB (10+2) or they can also go for International Education and join A Level which is a Cambridge University course. There are several colleges conducting A Level course in Nepal. They can also join Education or Law or go for technical education. They can join Forestry or Fashion Designing or Hospitality Management or Fine Arts. They can also take vocational courses in plumbing, house wiring, welding and other skilled work from Vocational Training Institute like CTEVT and other private Institutions.

Keep visiting our site for the latest updates on SLC. We wish you all the best for your future career.


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