Once a Sage came here to protect himself from the dominance of  Muslim. He began meditating in a cave near to Gaurishankar Mountain. Then after years of  penance, Lord Shiv gave blessing to him. Being happy of the achievement, the sage thought of visiting all places and talk of his achievement. But inspite of  his thousand efforts, he would always end circling in same place. Thus as he could not reach anywhere inspite of his two lakh( two hundred thousand) tries, the place was named ‘Dolakha’ meaning two lakh.


In 7th c.,as the new way was opened from Tibet to lands of Northern India which passed through Kuti, Tamakoshi, Sindhuli, people from Kathmandu Valley are believed to migrate here to form ‘ Dolakha’ as a colony. Dolakha is the first in Nepal to issue silver coins- issued by king Indra Dev and it holds history of Kirat and Licchavi period.


Dolakha is a mountainous district lying in Janakpur zone of Central Development Region and is 132km North-Eat of Kathmandu . Charikot is the district headquarter of Dolakha and it is situated at 1970m altitude. The land varies from as low as ‘Sitali’(732m) to Gaurishankar Mountain(1970m).

Some Statistics(2001):

The district is made up of 51 VDCs(Village Development Committee) and 1Municipality and is stretched over with total 3792 households with average Household Size of 4.72 where total 175912 people dwell out of which 86110 are male and 89802 are female. Majority of people living here are Hindus as

the data shows out of 175912 people, 127419 are Hindus.

Major Attractions:-

1 Taken as the Gateway for Hiking in Eastern Himalayan Range.

2 Jiri’lying in Dolakha district is the Entrance Gate to Mount Everest.

Major Places:-

1 Kalinchok

2 Bigu

3 Lapchi

4 Sayathumka hill

Major Markets:-

1 Charikot market

2 Dolakha Market

3 Pikhuti, Sirgati and Lambagar Market

4 Jiri Market

Major Temples:-

1 Dolakha Bhimsen: It lies 4 km east of Charikot and people believe the idol of Bhimsen sweats as a pre- warning whenever any disaster is going to occur in Nepal.

2 Kalinchok Bhagwati: It lies 1.5 km North-west of Charikot.

3 Sailungeswor Mahadev:It lies about 20km south of Charikot.

4 Deulangeswor Mahadev

5 Tripurasundari Bhagwati Temple

How to reach:-

Buses are easily available from Old Buspark of Kathmandu which takes you to Dolakha as it passes through Dolalghat, Khadichor, Mudhe and Charikot.

Where to Stay:-

Many big and small lodges, hotels and resorts are available at marketplace. It is advised that tourists stay in a registered Hotel and Lodge only after confirming whether the service you are seeking for is available there or not.

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