Dhulikhel Nepal

Enroute your way to Dhulikhel!

Dhulikhel, the trading hub of Nepal, has been providing shelter to Newars, Brahmins, Chhetrri, Tamang and Dalit since years. Known as the Gateway of Tibet, this place is proclaimed to have the best water in Nepal. The vivid charm and beauty of this place makes it a perfect destination for tourism.

Get Directions!

The way to this heavenly place is via Kathmandu. You need to board a bus from Kathmandu’s Ratna Park at a cheap rate of 60 Rs.  After a 2 hour joyous ride through the meadows and valleys of Nepal, you’ll enter into the most cherished city of Nepal, Dhulikhel.

Once you’re here, you may find many resorts on your way which are worth a stay. Here’s the list of some well-known resorts.

Dhulikhel Mountain Resort:

Located amidst the lap of nature, this resort has an award winning garden complimented with the beautiful site scene of Himalayas. This resorts is equipped with all luxurious amenities to add to your comfort. Moreover the yummiest cuisine is its speciality.

Hill View Resort:

Experience the heights like never before! This resort, located on hills, gets you the perfect view of clouds and is recommended best as the sunset and sunrise spot. Perhaps, its lags behind in luxurious facilities given it is in dire need of renovation.

Mirabel Resort:

Detached from the city, this peaceful place gets you closer to the inner god-conscience.  It has terrace along its ambience to let you have night-out with camp-fire.

Plan your Journey!

While Dhulikhel is a perfect blend of religion, history and architecture, it is of utmost importance that you take special care that you’re not missing any happening spot.

Holy walk across Temples:

Kali Temple:

The devotees offers their genuine devotion by hiking hundreds of stairs to reach the temple and worship her. The twist and turns doesn’t seem hectic with the panoramic view of the hill.

Gosainthan hill:

At a distance of an hour from Dhulikhel, there’s a temple of Gosainthan having the incarnations of three gods, Hanuman, Baba and Lord Shiva.

Moreover, small temple of Bhagwati and Shiva are located inside its arena.


Shop Smart!

Dhulikhel is infamous for the pick-pocketers. It is advisable to keep things in check while shopping. The art galleries of Dhulikhel offers the trademarked paintings for home decoration. Moreover spices are also worthy of digging some holes in your pocket.

Prepared to get thrilled!

River rafting and hiking is considered to be the best sport here. The Sun Koshi River is the recommend spot for white water rafting.

Amazing Facts that you should know about Dhulikhel:

 The Ancient Trade-Exchange with Tibet!

History of Dhulikhel is Incredible! It speaks of the mutual relations that it shared with its neighbouring country Tibet. It is believed that troops of inhabitants of Nepal used to go to Tibet via Dhulikhel to get home salt and gold. While Dashain, the greatest Hindu festival, used to attract the flocks of Tibetans with their sheep to buy chillies every single year in Dhulikhel.

Buddha’s Sacrifice:

Namo Buddha is a place in Dhulikhel where Lord Buddha offered his body to the starving tigress and her curbs in order to quench their hunger. It is regarded as the holiest place for the pilgrims.

Exceptional Town Planning:

The architecture of the old city is based on Hindu planning doctrine which takes note of perfect space, scale, position and dominance between buildings and temples and crosswords having their own reason of existence.

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