Dating Places in Kathmandu

Lovebirds have always faced difficulty in finding new dating places in Kathmandu. The scarcity of dating spots have grown to such extent that they are not even sparing temples and monuments. Also, with passage of time, the couple soon run out of good dating ideas. So, this post is dedicated to offer you with some of the best places for dating like Balaju Baisdhara Park, Nepal’s only Central Zoo, Tundikhel, Godavari Botanical Garden, Tribhuvan Park in Thankot, Chobhar and Taudaha. In lack of dating places around Kathmandu Valley, many couples are forced to fix dating in restaurants. But romantic get-together in restaurants over and over again is not under budget for most of the average Nepalese.

Cheap Date ideas for Nepalese

If dating is your regular thing, have your private moments at parks like Godavari Botanical Garden or Ratna Park or Thankot Park or Baisdhara Park. You can add thrill to your love life by visiting Ramailo Mela, Bhrikutimandap and trying their roller coaster or columbus ride. Alternatively, you can fix dating in roadside cafe and order tea or coffee. If both of you are comfortable, you can even arrange for dating at each other’s house. Spending quality time does not always have to be expensive. You can also book tickets for new movie. Similarly, you can also arrange for going on a morning walk together. A visit to Durbar Squares of Patan, Kathmandu or Bhaktapur or short trip to Tau Daha is also cost effective.
After all, the purpose of dating is to spend the quality time together and show each other that you care. Surrounding has very little to do with the love.

Top Dating places in Kathmandu

Manjushree Park

Existing 1km southeast of Chobhar village, Manjushree Park is popular for the Manjushree Cave which is the longest cave in Nepal. The park offers exquisite views of Kathmandu valley and one can have best dining experience in sporadic restaurants inside park. You can explore the part of Manjushree Cave and get an hour long thrill of passing through several tunnels and narrow ways. Watch the Manjushree Gorge which is named after Great Buddhist Monk Manjushree who established settlement in Kathmandu by slicing the gorge and draining water from Kathmandu valley. Spend quality time in the shades and cottages.
Entry Fee
Ticket Price of Manjushree Park: NRs 10
Ticket Price of Manjushree Cave for Nepalese: NRs 50, NRs 100 and NRs 150
How to get to Manjushree Park
Catch a public bus from Balkhu to Dakshinkali. It lies 3km far from Balkhu.

dating spots in kathmandu


The serene greenery, the peaceful lake, easy access and readily available cottages and restaurants are what makes Taudaha famous dating place in Kathmandu. Enjoy feeding the fishes dwelling in lake. Be one with nature. This place is also popular birdwatching site where you can watch several local and migratory birds coming for fishes in lake. Get the best photography experience.
Entry Fee
Ticket Price of Taudaha for Nepalese: NRs 20
How to reach Taudaha
Catch a public bus from Balkhu to Dakshinkali. It lies 7km far from Balkhu.

Garden Of Dreams

Get up-close with Victorian Era Garden right in the Central Kathmandu near to tourist hub of Thamel and adjacent to Narayanhiti Royal Palace Museum that is decorated with varieties of flowers, well maintained ponds, fountains and water springs. Visit the Garden of Dreams with your beloved and enjoy gazing at sky by lying on the mat placed over green grass. The antique sculptures are able to set up the nostalgic ambience. Have fun playing swings in turn.
Entrance Fee
Ticket Price of Garden of Dreams for Nepalese: NRs 100
How to reach Garden of Dreams
It is located in Kantipath next to Keshar Mahal.


Nagarkot is preferred by couple looking for night stay near Kathmandu. Located 32km northeast of Kathmandu, Nagarkot View Tower is famous for its unbeatable sunrise view and unobstructed view of Kathmandu valley. The tower allows panoramic views of Annapurna Range to Mount Everest on a sunny day. Get lost in natural ambience and spend the weekend in some of the finest hotels near Kathmandu.
How to reach Nagarkot from Kathmandu
Public bus for Kamalbinayak Pokhari from Kathmandu is available from Bagbazar. You need to take second bus from Kamalbinayak Pokhari to Nagarkot.

White Gompa Monastery/ Seto Gumba/ White Gumba

White Gompa is the recent addition of Buddhist shrine in Kathmandu. Well set at the top of green hill, one can immediately feel peace in mind and soul after entering the Gompa while you can get opportunity to witness an ancient Tibetan Buddhism practice inside monastery. Do keep in mind that entrance to public is allowed only on Saturday. You can go for other nearby attractions like Ichangu Narayan and White Cave. This place is also famous for scenic views of Nagarjun Forest and Jamachok hill.
How to reach White Gompa
White Gompa is located in Ramkot VDC. Public bus is available up to Sitapaila. White Gompa is located few minutes of walking distance far from Sitapaila.

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