Data Usage Saving Tricks for NCell and NTC

Surfing internet from mobile has been so expensive especially for those who chooses volume based internet surfing packages. So, I am sharing some of the Data Usage Saving Tricks for NCell and NTC in this post.

I have found Opera Mini to be the cheap browser for NCell and NTC mobile. There are so many browsers for surfing internet on android mobile like Google Chrome, Dolphin, UC Web Mobile Browser, Opera Mini, CM Browser and Skyfire.

Google Chrome is the default browser for android sets while Safari is the default web browser for Apple Phone. You should check whether web browser is staying open in the background to save the data usage.

Data Usage Saving Tricks for NCell and NTC that are useful in data management

1. Use Opera To Save Data Usage

Introduction to Opera

Opera is a  fast and smooth browser that works effectively on all OS including Java, Android, Symbian, iOS and Blackberry. It is gaining popularity because of its user friendly interface. You can download two versions of Opera for mobile. They are Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. I would advise you to download Opera Mini. Opera Mini runs on data compression technology which means whenever you browse websites from Opera Mini, the web pages are first  How Does Opera Save Data Usage 

Opera mini is cheap web browser because it saves your data usage to the great extent in comparison to other browsers. The process is explained below:

Opera mini uses cloud based compression technology which means whenever you browse any website from Opera mini, it sends the given data to Opera server first. At Opera Server, the data would be optimized (which means the server would remove unnecessary page elements, reduces image pixels and compresses your data) for your phone and then only will your data be sent to your phone. Thus your data usage is significantly reduced. The other trick for saving data usage from Opera is to enable the turbo mode. The data usage gets reduced by almost fifty percentage when turbo mode is turned on. Turning on Turbo mode is effective especially in slow connections.

2. Enable Opera Turbo Mode

When Turbo Mode is turned on, the size of page is shrinked to be much smaller than the original size and thus it saves data usage for your browsing session. Turning on Turbo mode will also help you in loading pages faster. It can also reduce your roaming data usage.

How to enable Turbo Mode in Opera

You can enable Turbo Mode in Opera by going to Tools- Quick Preferences (F12) and then clicking on ‘Enable Opera Turbo’. To switch to normal mode, you can click on ‘Disable Opera Turbo’. By clicking on Automatic mode, Turbo mode will be on automatically in slow connection. For enabling the Auto mode, you can right click Opera Turbo  and visit Configure Opera Turbo Settings and then you can select Automatic and click Ok.

3. Restrict/ Limit your data usage on mobile

You must also turn auto updates off for  apps and widgets as most of these apps use internet in background for auto update. You can turn auto updates off on android sets by going to Settings- Mobile Networks and then removing the correct sign from the box near to Data Enabled. But you must know that Playstore will not run without background data on.

If you view your data usage, you can know for yourself the amount of data saved as there will be data of original size and received size in data usage section.

You can view your data usage by opening Settings- More- Data Usage.

Please put your views in comment section if you have any other  Data Usage Saving Tricks for NCell and NTC  and what do you think of using Opera browser.

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