Dashain Tika Time Date

Dashain Tika Time Date

Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak samiti-the committee for determining calendar has decided that the most auspicious Dashain Tika time Date for receiving dashain tika this year is 10:45am. The time was selected according to planetary and star positions.

Dashain Tika Mantra

For Female 

Om Jayanti Mangala Kaali Bhadra Kali Kapalini
Durga Kshyama shiva dhatri swaha swadha namostu te

For Male

Ayur Drona sute sriyem Dasarathe, Satruk ksheyam Raghave,
Yaishoryem Nahushe, Gatischa pawane, Manancha Duryodhane,
Suaryam Shanta nave, Balam Haldhare, Satyaschha Kuntisute,
Bigyanam Bidure, Bhawanu Bhabatam, Kirtischha Narayane!

Dashain Calendar

Major events

Ghatasthapana : 13th October 2015 or 26th Ashoj 2072 B.S.
Phulpati : 20th October 2015 or 3rd Kartik 2072 B.S.
Maha Astami : 21st October 2015 or 4th Kartik 2072 B.S.
Maha Nawami and Tika: 22nd  October 2015 or 5th Kartik 2072 B.S.

Ekadashi : 23rd October 2015 or 6th Kartik 2072 B.S.

Kojagrat Purnima: 27th October 2015 or 10th Kartik 2072 BS

Dashain Wallpaper

Download Dashain Dhun/ Mangal Dhun

To download this Malshree dhun, you have to right click on player and save it on your device.

Dashain Wish

Dashain ko ping jastae chanchal hunu

Changaa le jhain uchaae chhunu

Devi ko Bhakti garnu

Kles Man maa narakhnu

Happy Dashain

Dashain Festival Nepal

Dashain is the national festival of Nepal. It is celebrated in all parts of Nepal. The whole event continues for as long as 15 days and ends on the full moon day. Dashain celebrates the victory of goddess Durga over Mahisasur Demon. The  first nine nights are collectively known as Nawaratri which is named after nine night long war in between goddess Durga and Demon Mahisasur. It was only on the tenth day that Mahisasur was killed. Thus, tenth day is also knwn as Vijaya Dashami which means victory in the tenth day.

How is Dashain celebrated in Nepal


This is the first day of Dashain. Translated as a vessel establishing day, this is the day during which a new vessel is established on the bed of sand and seeds of rice are sown on the vessel. Ghatasthapana is an invitation for Durga.

Second to Sixth Day

Worship and chants of Durga is done in every morning and evening. People visit different temples of Durga. Butter lamp is left on the river after visiting temple.


Dashain Festival reach its peak from Fulpati. Fulpati is the collection of holy vessel known as Kalash filled with water, sugar cane, jamara and banana stalks. This Fulpati is observed in every  Hindu home while fulpati brought from Gorkha palace is placed at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar of Kathmandu on this day.

Maha Astami

This is the eighth day during which animals are sacrificed in large numbers to appease Goddess Durga. Hindus observe Kal  Ratri (Night of Death) on the night of Astami. This is the important night for Tantrics and shamans.

Maha Nawami

Sacrifice of animals and feasting continues. Especially, buffaloes are slaughtered as the symbol of Mahisasur which means buffalo head Monster. Taleju temple is opened once a year in Nawami.


Tika which is known as Dashami is the most important event of Dashain. The sprout from the seeds that were sown on Ghatasthapana are cut down. This sprout which is named Jamara is the symbol of prosperity. Younger ones receive tika and blessing  from elders on this day.

Eleventh to Fourteenth Day

People visit to their relatives and receive tika.

Kojagrat Purnima

This day marks the end of Dashain during which remaining jamara and tika are left on river to be washed away. People stay at their home playing cards and taking rest.

We hope this article was helpful to you in finding Dashain tika time date. Happy Dashain!!!!

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