A great sage- Parashar is believed to have stayed at a cave in Damauli. In course of living, on one occasion, he happened to see Satyawati– a Mattshya Kanya. He could not take the eyes out of her and they began frequently seeing each other from that day onwards. They began meeting at Damauli and regularly spending some times in privacy which ended often with making love. For the fear of consequences that would lead to if anybody would see the sage in that situation, he used to conceal the whole area of Damauli in a thick coat of fog. Thus it is believed that this sage- Parashar conjured a fog to cover Damauli for his privacy. Damauli is found concealed in fog for most of the period of year since that day. With time flittering, Parasar gave birth to another great sage named Byas or Bedavyas (for Byas is believed to have written Vedas which are ancient Hindu scriptures) in this holy land.


Damauli is the District HeadQuarter of Tanahu. Previously Bandipur used to be the District HeadQuarter until young students protest to shift the Headquarter to Damauli.

Damauli lies in the junction of Madi and Seti River 20 km far from Bandipur. Bandipur is 165 km far from Kathmandu and 70 km from Pokhara.


Normally tropical and sub-tropical type of climate is found in Damauli.

People and Culture:-

Damauli is a place of diverse inhabitants. Damauli Bazaar is chiefly dominated by Newars while Magar and Gurung are found in Byas Municipality. Darais are chiefly found in Damauli and on the edge of Madi River. Darais are Buddhists by religion and adopt fishing and boating to earn their livelihood. Similarly, people from other caste like Bote, Poudel and Sapkota too are found inhabited in Damauli.

Some places in and near Damauli:-

i)     Parashar cave: The cave was named after great sage Parashar who used to inhabit the cave. A great fare is organized each year on Maghe Sankranti while the cave is crowded with devotees from various places who come to bath in Ekadasi of Chaumaas.


ii)    Byas Cave: Byas was the son of Great Sage Parashar and it was thiscave where Byas dwelt. Thus the cave got its name- Byas Cave. Byas cave which has been mentioned even in Skanda Puran lies 1km South of Damauli Bazaar at a confluence of Seti and Madi Rivers. There lies one strange stone inside the cave which people worship as the image of Byas.

iii)   Ghasi Kuwa: It lies at 20 km walking distance far from Damauli Bazaar on east side along Prithvi Highway.

iv)   Chhabdi Barahi Temple: It lies 8km east of Damauli. Buses are available from Bhorletar Chowk which passes through Amarapuri, Bhadgaon and Charkune before arriving to the busstop of Chhabdi. The temple lies five minutes walking distance far from the stop. It is crowded with devotees especially on Saturdays when people give sacrificial offerings of animals and fowls like goats and hens to Barahi Mai.Chhabdi river flows just below the temple.

v)   Pancha Mandir: It is the home for images of many gods like snake and Hanuman (the monkey God) and also acts as the pathway to the Byas cave.

vi)  Ananta Cave: It lies at Shewor of Byas Municipality.

vii)  Dhor Barahi

viii)  Chhimkeswori Lek: It is the highest point in Tanahu district as it lies 2325m above sea level. The lek can be reached through AbuKhaireni and Damauli after passing through villages of Dharampani, JharGaon, Labdi, HileKharka, Bhange and Aklang. The temple of Chhimkeswori Mai lies in Chhimkeswori Lek.

ix)   Rani Gaon: This Gaon is famous for milk and fruits production. Fruits like Orange, Guava, Pineapple and Banana are produced in large quantity in this village.

x)   Sangay Phat: It is famous for vegetables production like cucumber and rice plantation.


Things to do:-

i)   Rafting from Damauli to Chitwan: Damauli lies at the confluence of two Rivers namely Madi and Seti. Thus it is the ideal place for rafting. Rafting on Seti River begins from Damauli and passes through Khahare, Sarangghat and Pyughar before finally reaching to Chitwan.

ii)   Paragliding: Manhunkot Hill which lies near to Damauli is famous as a spot for Paragliding.

iii)  Hiking from Damauli to Tanhunsur: Tanhaunsur which lies at an altitude of 1241m above sea level can be reached after walking for about three hours from Damauli through Ghasikuwa. Tanhunsur is famous for holding palace and ancient weapons and artefacts that were used by Sen Kings. There is also one room in Tanhaunsur which is reported never have to be opened

iv)  Hiking from Damauli to Manhunkot: Manhunkot which lies at an altitude of 1100m above sea level has been popular also as the picnic spot. It lies about two to three hours walking distance far from Damauli. The place is popular for sunrise and sunset view and also for the views of mountains that can be seen from here. One can have a clear glimpse of  Dhaulagiri Range in the east and Langtang Range in the west on a clear sunny day.

How to reach:-

Damauli is situated five hours driving distance far from Kathmandu and two hours driving distance far from Pokhara. Regular buses are available from New Buspark of Kathmandu to Damauli.

Where to stay:-

It is better to spend night on Damauli Bazaar where different small and large

Hotels, Lodges and restaurants can be found on either sides of road.


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