This temple is of Goddess Kali – consort of Lord Shiva in her most blood thirsty embodiment and it is located to the south direction. So it is named Dakshinkali.


Dakshinkali lies 18 km south of Balkhu of Kathmandu and about 1 km outside villge of Pharping in between two hills at the confluence of two rivers in a Woody Valley.


The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali who is imagined to remain insatiably blood thirsty, so many devotees arriving here bring uncastrated male animals like goats, hens, ducks, pigs, sheep and occasionally water buffaloes. The temple is thronged with devotees especially on Tuesday and Saturday. Stream of blood flows along the temple and Goddess Kali is bathed in blood on the annual occasion of Dashain which falls in October. It is taken also as the favorite picnic spot by people of Kathmandu 55 km far from here lies Hetauda- district headquarter of Makwanpur. The animals are butchered in the stream beside the temple and the carcass is eaten as ‘Prasadam’(holy food ) by participants. The six armed image of Kali is of black stone.

Thing to remember:-

1 Only Hindus are allowed to enter the actual compound where image of Kali dwells.

2 Never take any leather made items inside the Holy compound. Leather is treated as Unholy by Hindus.

3 Photo of the temple can be taken from periphery.

How to Reach:-

Taxies are easily available from all over valley to take you to temple. Remember to check the Meter seal if you want to use it. Alternatively, Buses are easily available from Old Bus park of Kathmandu which takes you to Bus park of Dakshinkali as it passes through Balkhu, Taudaha, Kirtipur andPharping. Then a little way ahead lies Dakshinkali. The street down the way is lined with tea stalls, souvenir sellers and vendors selling Pujasama’(a set of things necessary to worship the Hindu way consisting of flowers, fruit, coconut and local incense). ‘Khuwaa’ (a sweet dish made of milk) available here is popular all over Nepal. A pathway leads off from behind the main temple uphill to the Mata Temple from where beautiful landscapes of valley can be witnessed.

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