Chopstix Restaurant Nepal

Chopstix is an in-bar restaurant which came into existence in 2007A.D. Located in Kumaripati; it specializes in Chinese and Continental dishes.  The bar goes by the name of “Tangerine Bar Lounge”.

The Menu includes:-

i)                   Seafood soup: It is generously served in a huge bowl

ii)                Chicken Dragon: Chicken shreds are enmeshed in noodles and deep fried till it gains the reddish complexion. It comes accompanied by peanut sauce.

iii)              Fish Tom Yum: The fish fillets come with carrot and black mushrooms in a bowl accompanied by rice.

iv)              Fried chicken with fries and soy sauce.

Chopstix opens all week from 1pm to 10 pm. Parking space is available and both debit and credit cards are accepted. It is handicapped in terms of access over Wi-Fi though and segregated smoking is allowed. Both chairs and couches are available for sitting. Bill price comes with addition of VAT and Service Charge. 90 is its total seat capacity.

Some of the signature cuisines of chopstix with price list are:-

Chicken Dragon: NRs195

Cheese Dragon Roll: NRs145

Nam Thai thee: NRs275

Chicken Satay: NRs275

Give a call at 5551118 or send a mail to for further query or for early reservation.

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