Buy Playstation and XBox at cheap price in Kathmandu-Nepal

There are not many Playstation and XBOX stores in Nepal. Thus, most of the gamers are fulfilling their needs by asking for help with their relatives living abroad. But I must say that it is possible to buy Playstation and XBox at cheap price in Kathmandu-Nepal.  You just need to look for the right place to buy.

Based on my personal experiences, I am going to mention few Gaming console shops in Kathmandu that sell accessories, Game CDs and others.

Second Hand Playstation and XBox 

There is nothing wrong in trying to save money. You can buy second hand Playstation and XBox devices and games at cheap price from  . Just visit the site and search for what you want. You might get these devices at unbelievable price. Just remember to check for the condition of consoles before making the purchase.

Buy Gaming Consoles Online  

If you are not sure  of the physical location, you can always buy online gaming consoles and accessories through trusted online shopping sites like kaymu, meroshopping  and others.

Game Shops in Kathmandu

Shops  in Bishal Bazaar

You can easily buy PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and other game consoles from shops in Bishal Bazaar. Depending upon how much you are willing to pay, you can either ask for brand new consoles or go for used ones. Most of the shops in Bishal Bazaar are equipped with all accessories and consoles. Just be precise what you want and they will be happy to help you.

Gamer House

When it comes to buying games, no other shop is as popular as Gamer House. I have been personally buying game CDs from Gamer House since my school days when I  used to buy CDs for PC games. Gamer House exists at the second floor of House right at the front of parking area in Mahabouddha. You can also ask for its location to anyone once you reach Mahabouddha. And what is more, you can also buy used Playstation and Xbox Games from Gamer House.

Given below is some of the latest PlayStation price in Nepal

Price of Sony PSP 3000 Black in Kaymu is NRs 15,030. This is the console that you want to own if you spend most of the time outside of home as this is a portable device with amazing graphics and sound quality.

Price of PS2 is NRs 12,530.

PS3 costs NRs 40,030 while price of PS3 blueray games is around NRs 5,000.

PS4 price in Nepal is NRs 50,430.

Price of Xbox 360 Kinect in Nepal is around NRs 25,000 to NRs 30,000.


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