Buy and Sell Secondhand Books in Kathmandu-Nepal

To buy and sell secondhand books in Kathmandu-Nepal is the best way of fulfilling the needs of academic books for students.  This opportunity has been the blessing for students who do not earn much.

Bookshops are quite easily available in every corners of Kathmandu. But if you specifically want to save money by buying from Secondhand Bookshop in Kathmandu-Nepal, you might want to look for below mentioned shops. Buying books from Nepal is always a welcoming task as you can get internationally recognized academic books like medical books and oxford dictionaries at much less price in comparison to book price in western countries. So, it would be wise to leave some space for books while leaving Kathmandu.

Come and buy second hand school books, second hand plus two books and second hand college books from these stores:

Secondhand School Books and College Books

Second Hand Book Distributor

Second Hand Distributor is located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. This is the place that you might want to go if you are looking for used college books and school books  at cheap price.   You can contact to the owner by dialing telephone telephone number   9845125138. Some of these books are set at as low as half price.

Second Hand Book store for novels in Kathmandu

If you are a fan of novel reading but you do not want to spend much for your reading habit, you might want to visit second hand book store inside Bhrikutimandap. Along with second hand books for Engineering students and second hand medical books, this shop also  sells novels at cheap price. And what’s more, you can resell your novel at the same shop after finishing your novel.

Nepal Book Depot- Second Hand Book Shop in Thamel

There are many shops selling used books in Thamel. Most of the clients in these shops are travelers. you can find comics, children books,story books and novels in Nepal Book Depot. Contact at 01-4700258 for details.

Online Second Hand Book shop

You can search for online second hand books by visiting the website- You can know about the condition of the book and its price and if you feel the price to be fair, you can then call the seller at the number provided along with the description. Once you call the seller, you can do some negotiation and arrange for meeting place to collect that book. is another way to buy and sell secondhand books in Kathmandu-Nepal.

You can also find secondhand bookshop in New Road and nearby Ratnarajya Campus.



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