Bis Hajaar Taal

We all boast of some world famous attractions which are over loaded with tourists all-round the year. We all, at least for once in a life-time, have been there at some of this places! But if you’re the one who wants to stand out and reconnoitre the unchartered territories of the world then we’re here for you! The world treasures amazing exotic destinations that are yet to be discovered and explored. Let’s tread over the lesser treaded destinations of world.

Bis Hazar Taal, as we call it, is the USP of the The Royal Chitwan National Park and has attracted many wild-life photographers and wayfarers. Bis Hazar Taal means Twenty Thousand lakes which signifies the confluence of twenty thousand lakes at one place. Enchanting, right? We can’t afford to miss watching this place once you’re in Nepal.

If you’re a wildlife lover and crave for their one sight, this place is made for you. A home to Crocodiles and one horned rhino, this place is the animal-hub of Nepal. If you’re lucky, you may find the glimpse of some of the rare birds and animals which are almost on the verge of extinction.

Bengal Tiger, Sloth bear, wold elephant, Stipend hyena, Gangetic dolphin, wild bison, you ask for it! Where in the world will you find such variety of mammals? It is estimated that 470 species of mammals are dwelling in this place. Moreover, 126 species of fish, 150 species of butterflies and 47 species of reptiles are also believed to be existing here.  Sounds amazing, right?

Besides being wildlife reserve, this place boasts of mesmerizing beauty of the lake. A few trees are submerged into the lake giving it out-of the world appearance. Moreover the lake water is clear but be aware before entering the lake water as such some of the wildest crocodiles resides here.

Located in proximity of the Royal Chitwan Park, this wetland is surrounded by forests all over its arena. Having said that, the air is serene and atmosphere remains charming round the clock. The forest cover is a blend of Sal, small hills, and tall grasslands. The best optimum time to visit this place is from October through February where temperature remains around 25 degrees Celsius.

How to Get There?

First up, board a ticket to Kathmandu. Once you’re here, there are three basic ways of getting to the Bis Hazar Taal:

Via Road:

Give in to the adventure! Board a car from Kathmandu-Narayanghat Highway and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings. In your way, you’ll bypass Trisuli River which is known for its clear waters and amazing aquatic life. You may also take a halt and carry on with the journey. You may also take up the route Pokhara-Narayanghat Highway which offers the beautiful landscapes, from Himalayas to the plains of Terai through colourful Tharu villages, for your eye-candy. This ride is usually six-hour long, but it may change depending on the traffic.

Via Raft:

Get in to the character of Sea-Pirate and sail through! This is the most exciting mode of reaching Bis Hazar Taal. Take a raft down the Trisuli River [Kathmandu] and experience the upthrusts and down thrusts of water like never before. You may also board a raft from Pokhara, whichever way is convenient to you. This is the fun ride of 2 days where in the way, you can float down the river experiencing its numerous rapids and seeing a variety of village life, floura and fauna and diverse wild-life.

Via Air:

Fly your way out! This is the quickest way of reaching the lake. This 20 minute flight can take you from Kathmandu to Bharatpur. The flight moves above the clouds and mountains, giving you the out-of-the-world exotic feeling. The colourful birds flying to their home is all what you can witness while in flight. If luxury defines you, you may take a chartered helicopter for your journey.

What to carry with you?

We all love to flaunt while we travel. But we would not recommend the same here. The less the things you have with you, the more relaxed you feel. Here’s a list of some basic things that you must carry with you in your journey.

A Low Cost Digital Camera:

Capture some of the moments with your dear ones. These are the memories that you’d treasure the most. Don’t miss taking a camera along with you but make sure you don’t fall prey to any pocket-picketers. If wild-life photography interests you, give it a shot as you’re going to find loads of species here for your eye-candy.

First Aid:

Travelling is totally an uncertain event and could spell trouble at any moment of time. So we would recommend you to take precautionary measures. Also, while moving in animal prone region, where dangerous insects and creatures are bound to cross your way, this safety measures becomes mandatory.


The place you’re moving to is a shady region and dark is usually earlier than most of the metropolitan cities. While you’re travelling, it may happen that on your way, it is night and you’d no source to find your way. So keep a torch or flash light with you for your safe journey!


Some of the attractions are distant and remains beyond our physical reach. While we can’t go and feel the beauty, it is recommended that you carry a pair of binoculars so that you don’t watching them.

A Good Book:

Book is a man’s best friend, even in terms of Travel. A journey can tire the hell out of you, so for refreshment, you must carry a cheerful book with you for your recreational activity. Also if you want to get to know the place properly, you must carry a guide or a manual that describes every nook and corner of the place. Usually, a book with the map is recommended.

Swim Wear:

You must get yourself a swim wear. As such the lake might contain some toxic agents, it is recommended that a perfect outfit for your swim is ready beforehand. Dealing with the locals might cost you the outfit at a double rate. So prepared and make sure you’ve an anti-allergy ointment before you step into the river.

Some Attractions near Bis Hazar Taal:


Floods of tourists have marked their presence on this place. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has immense wild-life and historical value. Tourism has become a source of the bread earning for the inhabitants called Tharus, who are believed to be ethnic minorities. Elephant Safari, where people go on a ride across the Jungle, marks the charm of this place. Poultry and cotton industries are a rage here.


Reviving its importance as the tourist hub, this place was found in the 1980s. There’s a road that connect to Tandi via Jhuwani village where you can have a car or a motor ride. Besides being exotic destination, this place is equipped with every luxurious utility that you may ask for!  Cafes, Book shops, Restaurants, Boating, Rafting, are a few to name. The people here are gentle and known for their humble gesture.

Some Tips for Safe Travel:

  1. Don’t plunge into anything suspicious, this might cost you your life. Always follow your guide and never lose your friends midway.
  2. Don’t mess up with the animals. They’re supposed to be in rage by nature. They might turn their fury over you.
  3. Don’t disturb the balance of nature. Never intake Cigarettes or inflammable thing with you. History has it that many forest fires took place because of this absurd behaviour of man. This can put wildlife into severe danger.
  4. Never enter into restricted areas and never mess up with the authorities. Laws are stricter here. So please abide by them to avoid any kind of trouble.

This was all about Bis Hazar Taal. We wish you a memorable and safe journey. Haven’t you packed your bags yet? If not, hurry up! There are loads of places in Nepal which desperately needs your arrival.

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