In ancient language, the place was called ‘Banepur’ and in course of time the term ‘Banepur’ got distorted into ‘Banepa’.


One of the greatest medieval city sites of Nepal, Banepa is just 12km east of Bhaktapur along the Araniko Highway and is 4800ft above sea level. The city is full of vast paddy fields and majority of people living here are Newars.


Once in14th c., Banepa was the capital of Malla Queen and the city used to have  diplomatic relations with Ming Emperors of China.

Some Statistics(2001):-

Banepa municipality has total 11 wards containing 3015 Households where total of 15822 people dwell out of which 7882 are male and 7940 are female. The Municipality is stretched over of area with the population density per to be 2845.68

Major Attractions:-

1 The squares and laneways in the older North-West section.

2 The great wall fresco of a fanged and the blue faced Bhairab at the Chandeswori temple.

Major Temple:-

1 Chandeswori Temple:

The temple is 1.5 km North of crossroads of Banepa. It is thronged by devotees especially in Saturday and Sunday and a 3days long fare is held on the occasion of Buddha purnima.

According to the myth, once in Satya yug(the age of truth known to be the first age of world in Hinduism) demon named ‘Chandasur’  terrorized people of Banepa. So they prayed for Goddess Parvati to help and listening the prayer, Parvati slayed the demon and thus got the name- Chandeswori(meaning the slayer of Chanda) and this temple was erected in her honour.

The roof struts of the temple holds beautiful craftsmanship of 8 Astamatrikas and 8 Bhairabs. Great festival is held at the temple on every Nepali New Year occasion.

How to reach:-

Buses are easily available from Old BusPark near Ratnapark which depart in every 5 minutes interval and takes about one and half hour of time.

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