Anmol KC Biography,Family and Girlfriend

Anmol KC is one of the most popular new generation actor who is known for his good looks. He has often been portrayed as a lover boy. Although there are not many Anmol KC movies so far, all of his movies have become successful in box office.

Anmol KC Movie Career- Producer/ Actor

Acting is in blood of Anmol. He is the son of Nepali movie superstar Bhuwan KC. Anmol stepped in the world of Kollywood as an actor through his debut movie Hostel that was released in 2013. Prior to that, he was involved in Nepali Cinema Industry as a Producer. He has produced movies like Superstar (2008), Ma Timi Bina Marihalchhu (2008) and Sathi Ma Timro (2012).

Hostel was a teenage drama movie in which he was seen in the role of Aditya Bikram Rana, a rich and arrogant boy. The next movie – Jerryy (released on 2014) was equal hit. After a year of gap, he came back with Dreams (2016). Bhuwan KC made his directorial debut from Dreams. Anmol KC upcoming movies in 2016 include Gangster Blues and Mero Hajur 2.

Awards and nominations 

Although Hostel was Anmol’s first movie as an actor, this movie became the milestone in establishing Anmol in Kollywood. Anmol was nominated as Best Debut actor for his acting in Hostel by Kamana Film Awards in 2013 while he won Best Debut Actor Title from Filmy Khabar Award, Box Office Film Award and INFA Awards in 2014 for the same movie. He was also nominated as the Popular Actor of the Year in NEFTA awards 2015.

Anmol KC Biography Family Girlfriend

Facts you did not know about Anmol KC

Anmol KC is passionate about instrumental music and he adores traveling while coin collection is his hobby. He has a reserved personality and he has spent most of his childhood in hostel.

Anmol KC- Family and Education

Anmol is the son of Bhuwan KC and Sushmita KC. He has completed A Level education from Malpi International College. Anmol was born in 30th March.

Gossip and Rumors- Who is Anmol KC girlfriend

With 6 plus feet height, Anmol looks dashing and have become heartthrob of many girls. There was rumor of love affair in between Anna Sharma and Anmol KC. The two became closer after starring in ‘Jerryy’ Movie. Many had seen Anna as Anmol KC girlfriend. But there has been rumor of breakup in between Anna and Anmol. He has a very keen sense of fashion. He looks dazzling in his korean hairstyle.

He made big news when he visited Gopi Krishna theater with four private bodyguards and police to watch his movie Dreams.

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