A departmental store is a huge place which works on large scale retail organization. These types of large-scale organization are established especially in the central area or city of any place. Since Nepal is in the phase of development thus these kinds of supermarkets are only in the process of developing and establishing. We can find a lot of departmental store in Nepal which has been successfully launching in various central major attraction cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Janakpur, Birjung, Dharan, Itahari, Chitwan, Jhapa, Nepaljung, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. The main motto of establishing the departmental store is to make the use get their stuffs easily within few minutes. The departmental store is separated into different small section or small shops of separate departments. Thus, in conclusion we can say that departmental store is the collection of various required goods under one roof. This departmental store helps the user to buy the goods of various qualities as well as of different companies.
The main and basic features of departmental stores are given below:
1) Located in the central area
2) Various varieties of goods
3) Proper management system
4) High qualities goods are especially available.
5) Proper management of very large varieties of goods under one roof.
Since the goods of various companies and qualities are available under one roof in those departmental store, the number of departmental stores are increasing day by day in Nepal. These stores are situated in the central area thus many people are attracted towards it. Departmental stores will help the users to find their goods easily since various related shops are separated. The advantages of such departmental stores in Nepal are given below:
1) Since every variety of goods are available under one roof, shopping in such area is also comfortable.
2) You will not need to walk here and there.
3) The services provided by these stores are very much excellent. They treat people in very good and fair manner.
4) Departmental stores provide the facilities of free home deliveries.
5) It is located in the central area of any town or city that will make the surrounding people easy to buy their goods.
6) These stores provide the varieties of good thus; we can enjoy various of goods of different places.
7) The goods sold in the departmental stores are always of better qualities.
8) We can find an attractive layout in the departmental store which is quite fun to observe.
Departmental stores providing excellent facilities are given below:
1) Sophia mega mart Pvt. Ltd
Sophia mega mart is situated in Lalitpur. This departmental store is one the best among many other departmental stores. Sophia mega mart provides varieties of goods of excellent qualities at very reasonable price. The contact number of this departmental store is 5530614.
2) Saleways mart

Image result for Saleways mart of nepal pokhara
Saleways mart is situated in Baidam Road, Hallanchowk, Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal. Pokhara is the heart of Nepal with spectacular views. The contact number of this departmental store is 061461532. Enjoying the lakeside of Pokhara and shopping you required goods are the new reason to have fun. The goods are provided at a best price. This departmental store is established in 2014. There is around 26 -50 employees employed in the store for providing the facilities to the customers. Araju Bajimaya is the manager of the company. 601856484 is the VAT registration of the departmental store.
3) Choice mart

Image result for choice department store of jadibuti nepal

Image result for choice department store of jadibuti nepal
Another superb departmental store is choice mart which was established in 2015. This store is situated in Jadibuti of Kathmandu. The contact number of this departmental store is 01-6924355. This store can be one of the major attracted stores for the people staying nearby areas. Around 5 employees are employed in the mart for providing goods and for helping people to find their required goods. The name of the company manager is Ranjit Singh.
The departmental store is featured with food and drinks too. Shopping along enjoying delicious food is the major attraction of this store.
4) My store Nepal
My store Nepal named departmental store is situated in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. The landline number of this departmental store is 014260072 whereas the mobile number is 9849027214. You can also order your products through online or through the website this departmental store was launched in July 2014 which has now become one of the fastest growing retail sites in Nepal. This is also one of the top visited Nepali owned e-commerce site. This departmental store has now been successfully providing world-class goods from various countries. There are around 11 to 15 employees taking part in the departmental store.
5) T-mart
Another best departmental store of Nepal is situated at Jorparti – 3, Shantitole, Kathmandu, Nepal. The offered phone number of this departmental store is 014913349. The facebook page is also made available for this departmental store so as people can easily contact the store. The link to this departmental store is t mart was established in 2013 year and been continuously providing services to the public till the date. Around 5 people are employed in this departmental store. Tenzee Sherpa is the manager of the t-mart departmental store.
6) Bageshwari departmental store
Bageshwari departmental store is one the leading departmental store of Nepal which is located in Surkhet, Nepalgunj, Nepal. The phone number of this departmental store is 523059. The service of the fax is also made available. The fax number of this departmental store is 977-81-521618. This departmental store is generally working under the business activities. The people of nearby areas can easily visit and get the goods of various parts of Nepal staying at Nepalgunj.
7) Central departmental store
This central departmental store is located at the heart of the Kathmandu city. It is located in Khichapokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal. There is two phone number of this store which is to be 4222028 and 4223595. There are wide varieties of the goods made available in the store for the convenient of the people shopping in that departmental store.
8) Departmental store Pvt. Ltd
Departmental store Pvt. Ltd is situated at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. This is one of the most popular departmental store in Nepal successfully operating in providing goods as per required by the people. The contact number of this departmental store is 4782931 and 4782937. The fax number of department store Pvt. Ltd is 977-1-4484664. You can find any goods of any brand easily here.
9) Gosuli departmental store
Gosuli departmental store is situated in the beautiful valley of Pokhara. It is located in New road, Pokhara, Nepal. The number of this departmental store is 520088 and 525588. 977-61-523588. various stuffs of terai and Himalayan region can be easily purchased in this departmental store.
10) Sincere department store
Sincere department store is located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal. The contact address of this departmental store is 5524708. Branded goods can be easily purchased at very best price here in sincere departmental store.


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