Tian Rui Chinese Restaurant

Located in Thapathali, next to Skoda showroom is a restaurant with in-house bar serving only Chinese food. Something I found unique to Tian Rui is the menu where food items are graded in terms of their richness in spices.

The menu includes:-

i)                   Spicy fried corns:  The crunchy corns with bell peppers, chili peppers, carrots and beans give the diverse taste of sweet, salty, spicy and crunchy.

ii)                Bong Bong chicken:  It is a thoroughly spiced dish which comes with braised chicken shreds along with garlic, Chinese peppers, lots of coriander stalks and soy sauce. Spices balance the bitterness of sauce while coriander helps make the dish look fresh.

iii)              Sichuan chicken

iv)              Fried Green Vegetables: It is not actually fried but the dish comes with the Pak Choy, black mushrooms and carrots  mixed in corn flour and soy sauce. It goes well with rice.


Tian Rui opens all week from 11am to 9:30 pm. Parking space is available and both debit and credit cards are accepted but this restaurant lacks Wi-Fi. You will have to sit indoors on chair or couch as it does not entertain floor seating and it does not support outdoors. 200 is the total seating capacity of Tian Rui. Common smoking is allowed here. Bill price comes with addition of VAT and service charge.

Some of the signature cuisines of Tian Rui along with price list are:

Crispy fried chicken: NRS549

Bong bong chicken: NRs279

Spicy corn: NRs149

Tofu with black bean sauce: NRs119

Cold buff: NRs239

One can make a call at 4243078 for early reservation.

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