The term Tanahu was derived from the Sanskrit term- “Tritung” meaning “three hills”.


Tanahu is a district lying in Gandaki Zone of Western Development Region with Damauli as its District HeadQuarter. Bandipur used to be the District HeadQuarter until young students protest to shift the headquarter to Damauli .A great poet Adikabi Bhanubhakta Acharya was born in Chundi Beshi in Tanahu District in 1814. Tanahu is famous for its Masyaura( a dumpling) made of black mass gram and yam. Tanahu is encircled with Gorkha and Chitwan in East, Kaski and Syangja in West, Lamjung and Kaski in North while Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Palpa in South.

Some Statistics(2001):-

Tanahu is extended in an area of 1546 sq.km. where total315237people dwell in 62898 Houses with an Average HouseHold Size of 5.01. Total 146788Male and 168449female lives in Tanahu with population density of 204person per sq.km.

Types of Houses:-

Out of 62898 Houses, 32225 Houses are Pakki18165 Houses are semi- Pakki , 12238 Houses are Kachchi while 270 are of other types. Similarly, 56412 Houses are used for private purpose, 4688 houses are rented, 1620 houses are institutional types of houses while 90 houses are rent- free and 88 houses falls under other category.

Fuel Consumption:-

27057 Houses use electricity, 34702 Houses use Kerosene, 127use Biogas and 344 of them use other fuels while 669 Houses are not stated in types of fuels they use for lightning purpose.

Toilet Facility:-

In terms of sanitation, 18432 Houses are equipped with Modern Flush System of toilet, 16957 Hoses have ordinary toilets while 26538 Houses

have no toilets at all and 970 Houses are not stated.



9228 Houses have economic activities while 53670 Houses are not involved in economic activities. Of the 9228 houses who are involved in economic activities, 451 houses are engaged in Manufacturing products, 3461 Houses are busy with Trade, 173 Houses deal with Transport while 3207 Houses render their life in services and 1936 Houses follow other activities to earn their livelihood.


Hinduism is the main religion here as the data shows: there are 262164 Hindu, 47313 Buddhists, 3227Muslims, 41Kirats, 20Jains, 958 Christians, 6Sikhs; 4Bahais while1504 people follow other religions.

Literacy status:-

Out of total 269294 people, 25160 Males and 58118 Females cannot read and write, 8492 Males and 9834 Females can read only, 89375 Males and 76723 Females can read and write while 613 Males and 977 Females are not stated.

Educational Institutions:-

According to Survey done in 2008, there are 613 primary schools with 2766primary school teachers where58865 students study at primary level. Likewise 25246students are taught by629 lower secondary teachers at182lower secondary school.492 secondary teachers teach to11559 secondary level students at 112secondary schools.


Tropical and Sub-Tropical type of climate is found in Tanahu with temperature reaching maximum of 35ºC and minimum of 5ºC.

Some Places in Tanahu:-

i)                   Siddha Cave: – It lies 2km East of Dumre in BimalNagar and is perhaps the biggest caves of Himalayan Region. It was discovered in 1986A.D. and it lies at an altitude of 600m above sea level. It is situated at the Southern part of Bimalnagar and takes half an hour to reach. The way to the cave passes through Forests where Sungava flowers, Langoor Monkeys and Orange Trees can be spotted. Beautiful sceneries of Annapurna Himalayan Range and Manaslu Himal and Maryangdi Valley can be viewed from a place few metres below the cave. The cave is extended North-South and though it has a narrow entrance the cave is broad at the inside. The cave has a height of maximum 50m and minimum 4m and has a normal temperature with free flow of air. The Cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites. Local people worship these stalagmites as the image of Lord Shiva as these are found in the shape of Shiva Lingams. A great fare is organized every Monday in month of Shrawan as Monday is considered to be the favorite day of Lord Shiva and Shrawan is taken to be his favorite Month. The cave is inhabited by nocturnal creatures including bats. Cannoning of 50m can be performed near to the cave.

ii)                Hattigaura Cave: This cave was recently discovered by local people which is located at Shishaghat of Shyamgha VDC-3 in Tanahu. People named it HattiGaura as the outer look of the cave resembles with the trunk of an Elephant. It lies to the16 km North of Damauli. The cave abodes many rocks with shapes of animals and human.

iii)              Tanahusur: Tanahusur which is situated at an altitude of 1241m above sea level used to be the kingdom of Sen Dynasty. It is located 3hrs of walking distance far from Damauli and can be reached after passing through Ghasikuwa. The old palaces with different weapons used by Sen Kings are its major attractions. GaddiChautaro lies near to Tanahsur. A chautaro is a Resting place built at the side of the way for the travelers. People believe this Chautaro to be the RajGaddi( Royal Seat) of Sen Kings and they never sit here.

iv)              Devghat: It is a holy site located at the meeting place of Kali Gandaki and SaptaGandaki Rivers and lies 6km North of NarayanGhat Bazaar. The place has religious, political as well as historical significances. Devghat has been mentioned in many Hindu scriptures including Purans as the playground of gods. Mukunda Sen– a king of Palpa had died here while meditating. Basistha Cave and Sita Cave lie near to Devghat. A great fare is organized in Maghe Sankranti each year.

Things to do:-

Rock Climbing:  If you like some breath taking sports, you can always try rock climbing of 165m tall slope situated at BimalNagar of Tanahu. The slope lies near to Marsyangdi River and is easily accessible.

Rafting: One can enjoy Rafting and Fishing in Seti River.

How to reach:

Tanahu is located Midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara. A bus is available from New Buspark of Kathmandu to Damauli– the District Headquarter of Tanahu.

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