Located 15 km North- East of Kathmandu, Sundarijal is taken as the Welcome Gate for hiking to Chisapani of Nuwakot . Bagmati river flows through the main village where it converges with Shyalmati and Nagmati rivers. Major parts of Sundarijal is hilly in terrain with occasional flat lands. Most of the lands here fall under Shivpuri National Park which can be reached through the windy path slithering  along woods to the summit.


The place is named after Hindu Goddess- Sundari Mai.

Best time to travel:-

Immediately after monsoon and early winter which is October-December.

People and livelihood:-

Majority of people living here are Buddhists who follow agriculture based on traditional techniques as their major occupation. Millet, barley, maize and potato are its chief production.

Major Attractions:-

1The magnificient sights of  the gigantic waterfalls and rushing stream

2View of boundless hilly ridges, valleys snowy ranges and green peaks

3Water reservoir site

4 Sundari jal Military Detention Camp where Former Prime Minister Bisweswor Prasad Koirala was detained and held without trial for 8 years after the Royal Coup in 1960 A.D. The Camp has now been turned into a museum dedicated to B.P. Koirala

5 It is the starting point for Hikers planning to reach Langtang Range.

Major Cultural Sites:-

1 Sundari Mai temple

2 Ganesh Temple

3 Krishna Temple

Chief Vegetation:-

Pine, oak, rhododendron (national flower of Nepal), 129 species of Mushrooms


1 Himalayan Black Bear, leopard, jungle cat, rhesus monkey

2 At least 177 species of Birds of which 9 are ‘Thratened Species’

3 102 species of butterflies


Get thrilled with water but cautiously because people believe there lives Goddess Durga- always thirsty for blood in the middle of the river and she summons her prey- the one who swims near the edge. Many have lost their lives here.

Gadgets to bring:-

1 Camera: u surely want to capture that enchanting environment.

2 Shoes with extra grippers: It is because the path around here is rather slippery as stones on the way get continually soaked in water.

How to Reach:-

Buses and Micro Buses are easily available from Jorpati which will take you to thebase of Sundarijal. Then one has to climb through the stone steps and slopes up the hill.

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