Station BBQ

Located in Jhamsikhel adjoin to Mickey’s School, it is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving largely non-veggie menu. The snacks menu includes potato chips with a twist of Nepali taste. The chips are crispy and deep brown than the regular fries served around. The already mouth watering chips comes in a bowl topped with parmesan.

It’s amazing to know how all tastes- sour, sweet and salt merge into one dish- chicken nuggets with peanuts. And then there is Sandheko white Mushrooms.

At Station BBQ, you can make your own barbeque which is then taken with butter and barbeque sauce. The Chicken breast with red wine sauce is another aromatic dish that you definitely want to go with. You would also like to try penne with chicken sauce or a dish which comes with sauce accompanied by mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables.

Station BBQ opens all week from noon to 9:30 pm. It has a shared parking space while both debit and credit cards are accepted. One can have access to internet for free through Wi-Fi here. Both indoor and outdoor facility is available. Both chairs and couches are available for sitting. Bill price comes with addition of VAT and service charge.

Some of the signature cuisines of Station BBQ along with price list are:

Grilled pork chops: NRS600

Shredded pork with onion: NRs460

Beef Burger: NRs280

BBQ: NRs650

Special features include Live Jazz by Inner Groove every Wednesday and Classical Fusuin by Gharana every Monday.

Give a call at 5522083 for early reservation.

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