Sanga Nepal


3 popular beliefs regarding the naming of Sanga are:

Dhatumanjari of Rudrayamaltantra states-

Taamrotpattischa mahata sukhenaiwa prajayate |

                   Nepale kamarupe ca bangale madaneswore||

1 In limbu dialect, Sanga means ‘brass’. Since the hill was full of brass mine, the hill was called ‘Sanga’ in Kirat period.

2 Licchavi king Anshuverma had named this place as Sanga from the word -‘Sanga Gram’ which means a place for production of oil.

3Sa’ means cow and ‘Ga’ means shed. Sanga used to be a shed where king of Banepa used to keep his cows.


‘Sanga’ is extended in the area of 9.18 sq. km. and lies at the height of 1480m -1850m above sea level. It is located 21 km east of Kathmandu and 9km west of Dhulikhel.


Sanga is divided into 9 wards and is the Eastern Vanjang thus being one of the four Vanjangs(gates) securing the Kathmandu Valley.

Major Attraction:-

1 Statue of Shiva: The statue of Shiva located at Sanga height is 108 ft. tall making it as the tallest statue of Shiva in the world and lies at the border in between Bhaktapur and Kavre. Nandi(ox)- Shiva’s vehicle lies at the front of statue and Statues of Parvati, Ganesh and Kumar is at the left corner . It extends in 75 ropani of land and is engrossed with well maintained garden and a series of 12 Shiva lingams. Children’s fun park lies adjoining to the statue area to which one can enter by paying NRs.100.

The statue is erected by Kamal Jain– Chairman of Hilltake Industries (one of the leading water tank manufacturers of Nepal) as a monument to mark his devotion to hard work and his respect to the will power.

A crude, dusty and rugged –yet to be tarred path branch off from Araniko Highway which leads to the temple at ten minutes walking distance.

2 Lapsi(a sour fruit) pulp is seen left to dry in a plank all over the way.

How to reach:-

Public buses are frequently available from Old Bus park of Kathmandu which reaches Sanga after passing through Koteshwor, Surya Vinayak and Jagati.  Alternatively Sanga can be reached through Banepa as it lies only 5km west of Banepa.

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