Rolwaling Valley


Rolwaling Valley lies to the North of Dolakha district and has established itself as the ideal place for Hiking among tourists.


The Valley is equally entertaining to those planning for short hiking or long Trekking.

Major Attraction:-

1 Chho Rolpa Lake:- This lake lying in Rolwaling Valley of Gaurishankar Village Development Committee, is the largest snow lake of  Nepal. It lies at a height of 4580 m above sea level. The lake is believed to have originated only 57-58 years back. The lake was found to cover 0.23 sq. km. of an area in 1963A.D. but the satellite image taken in 1997 A.D. indicated the area of the lake to be 1.65 sq. km. It is 135m deep and contains 100 million water in store. Enriched in natural resources, it is one of the major destination of Rolwaling Valley. It is fully covered with ice for almost half of a year and one can easily walk on the lake during that period. Measures are continually taken to lower the volume of water in the lake as the lake is under threat of explosion. It lies on the bottom of Mount Tasilapcha and Soboche Mountain of Rolwaling Himalayan Range and one can have a close up view of  Gaurishankar Mountain from the lake. It lies at 5 days walking distance far from Charikot– headquarter of Dolakha. Vehicles can be found during winter season which takes you upto Lamo Bagar. The road extending program is being carried on for Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project.

2 Gaurishankar Mountain:- It lies in Rolwaling Mountain Range and is the central point for measuring the approved time of Nepal. The Mountain is 7134 m high and is believed by Hindus to be the abode of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati. Thus this belief has lead Nepal to restrict the climbing of this Mountain.


How to reach:-

Starting from Charikot– the district headquarter of Dolakha, one can trek to Rolwaling Valley after crossing many entertaining yet thrilling places like Nagdaha, Pikhuti, Singati, Simigaon and finally Beding.

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