Palanchowk Bhagwati


It lies on the top of Palanchowk hill 58km east of Kathmandu, 10 km west of Lamidada and 7km north of Pachkhal Mountain.


The temple is believed to be constructed during the reign of King Mandev.


3ft. high idol of Vagwati has been artistically carved in the black stone. The temple is thronged with devotees especially on Tuesday and Saturday who bring uncastrated males of sheep, goat, hen, duck or egg of duck, coconut and pigeon as the sacrificial offering to Bhagwati. Pigeon is set free in the compound of temple while all other are beheaded and blood of butchered animals are offered to Bhagwati while carcass is consumed as ‘Prasadam’(holy food). Temple of Kalika lies near to temple of Vagwati and Kalika is believed to be the sister of Bhagwati. The hill along with having religious and historical significances has many potential for promoting tourism as well. Palanchowk Vagwati is visited both by Hindus and Buddhist devotees- the perfect example of religious tolerance – one of the unique feature of Nepali people.


1 The vantage point for witnessing the panoramic view of Himalayan and countryside landscapes.

2 One can witness the enchanting scenes of sunrise and sunset .

Major Festival:-

1 Chandipurnima

How to reach?

Daily Buses are easily available from Old Bus park of Kathmandu. It takes about reach the temple. Many other famous places namely Banepa, Dhulikhel, Panauti, Tamaghat and Lamidada have to be passed on the way. Palanchowk hill of 1563m has to be conquered to reach the top. However, hill is well connected to Araniko Highway via motor able road.

Where to stay:-

Many big and small hotels are easily available, the price ranging fromNRs300-Nrs 1500 per night. If you are looking for more luxury, try Sunkoshi Resort.

Famous dish:-

‘Selroti’– (round bread made from rice flour) is the popular dish available.


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