Mankamana:The Wish Fulfiller


It is believed every noble wish of Devotees get fulfilled in this temple if they have a firm faith in the power of Goddess Mankamana. Thus upon analyzing the word ‘Man’ means heart while ‘Kamana’ is the wish. Thus the wish coming from the very core of the heart which of course is genuine is heard and fulfilled by Mankamana Goddess.


It is said that the wife of King Ram Shah was herself the human manifestation of Goddess Mankamana.


Mankamana lies to the south of Gorkha while it is located 6 km far from Mugling.

Major festival:-

Devotees throng to the temple with sacrificial offerings especially during Dashain and also in Jeth Purnima(Full Moon Day of May) and KartikPurnima(Full Moon Day of November).

Major Attractions:-

1 Mankamana Darshan Cable Car:

This is the First Cable Car that has operated in Nepal. The Base Station is at Kurintar and it takes 10 minutes of time to reach to the temple from this car. The distance travelled by the car is 2.8km.The ropeline is busy with 31 passengers Cars and 3 Cargo Cars. One can enjoy the top view of beautiful scenery of Trishuli River and forests from inside the car.

People had to climb up several hours of steep slope in the absence of Car and they could not return in a single day even if they desired.

2 Exquisite scenery of Marsyangdi and Trishuli rivers can be seen from the Temple Area.

3 Since the temple lies on the hill at an altitude of 1302m, enchanting view of Manaslu, Himalchuli and Annapurna Mountains can be seen.

4 Mankamana is famous for its oranges.


If you are planning to take some souvenirs, here are the few things which will act as the perfect remembrant of the tour:

1 Oranges: the taste of oranges found here is of typical and unbeaten type which your near ones will love to have and which is pocket friendly for you.

2 A photograph of Mankamana decorated in a frame.

3 Different Handicrafts that you will find lined up on either side of streets as you head for the temple.

How to Reach:-

Mankamana can be reached either from Kathmandu or Pokhara. Kurintar (the base station of Cable Car) lies 105 km far from Kathmandu while 102 km east of Pokhara. The cable car deports you to the temple in just 10 minutes of time.

Alternatively, if you are looking for the Challenging Hike, your journey starts from Abu Khaereni.

Where to Stay:-

Many luxurious hotels- big and small exist near to the Temple Area.

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