Koto Restaurant

Located in Durbar Marg on the first floor of UCB outlet is Koto- one of oldest restaurants of Kathmandu specializing in Japanese.


Wooden- glass doors, open kitchen, warm wood and mute color gives you a very japanesely welcome. Koto offers variety of seating arrangements- be it an open space of wooden chairs with view to the road with lanterns hanging above or a smoking zone with low tables on the farthest end or a small no- smoking area.

The menu includes:-

i)                   Miso soup:  It is prepared with brilliant combination of spices and dices of Tofu to which little bit of green vegetables is added.

ii)                Veggie Tempura: It is a dish in which light batter encloses veggies like green vegetables, onion slices, mushrooms and carrots. It comes with ginger soy dip.

iii)              Prawn tempura sushi

iv)              Yakitori Don: a bowl of rice is served with grilled skewers of chicken and shallots.

Koto Restaurant is open all week from 10am to 10 pm. Both debit and credit cards are accepted but this restaurant lacks Wi-Fi. 72 is the total seating capacity of Koto. Bill price comes with addition of VAT and service charge.

Some of the signature cuisines of Koto along with price list are:

Tempura: NRs630

Sukiyaki: NRs450

Sushi     : NRs520

Yakitori: NRs360

Do make a call at 4226025 for early reservation.

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