Kodari lies in the Hilly Area of Sindhupalchowk District.


Kodari is a village acting as the border and thus separating Tibet (Province of China) from Nepal. It is also the important Trading Center in between Nepal and Tibet.

Major Attractions:-

1 By crossing the Friendship Bridge and passing through 10km of No Man’s land, one can reach Tibet. In fact, this is the only way to enter China from Nepal.

2 One can see the exotic scenes of gorges and mountain.

3 Eight km uphill from here lies Khasa( Tibetan Marketplace and Border post) where Chinese products are available at a bargaining price. A Chinese visa and Tibetan travel permit is required to progress further ahead from here.

4 Tatopani (a hot water spring of Nepal) is just 3 km far from Kodari.

How to Reach and Return:-

Kodari lies 115 km North-East of Kathmandu. Public buses are available from Old Buspark of Kathmandu which deports you to Kodari through Araniko Highway in about five Hours of Bus ride.

Not many buses can be found for return trip direct to Kathmandu. So many of the visitors take a bus ride to Barabise from where they take another bus leading to Kathmandu.

Alternatively, there are many taxies waiting eagerly for the service both at Kodari and in Kathmandu.

Where to stay:-

Not much hotels and Lodges are available in Kodari. Thus many of the visitors walk 3 km down to Tatopani which incorporates plenty of Hotels and Restaurants

for staying.


Don’t forget to bring your Citizenship Certificate if you are from Nepal and your Passport if you are from other countries.

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