Kalinchowk Bhagwati


It lies 15km North-West of Charikot –District Headquarter of Dolakha and is situated at 3842m above sea level.


Kalinchowk Vagwati can be promoted as a destination for both religious and Entertainment mongers type of tourists. Kunda(pond) of Vagwati Mai lies at the hilltop. Idols of Goddess Bhagwati and Ganesh lies near to the pond while bells and trident are placed at periphery. Kalinchowk Bhagwati is taken as ‘The Wish fulfiller One.’

Major Attractions:-

1 Since the hill is a place of snowfall, people come here to amuse themselves by playing with snow.

2 Beautiful scenery of Himalayan Ranges, villages and landscapes can be seen from the hill.

3Kuri Valley’ which lies at the foothill of Kalinchowk.

4 2km south of the temple lies Kuti(temporary house) of sage Siddha Baba.

5 If you are lucky enough to have a fair climate not veiled with clouds, you can take a glimpse of Dharahara of Kathmandu from here.

6 Hiking can be done to Bigu, Devdhunga and Thingsangla from Kuri Valley.

Major Festivals:-

Krishna Astami andJanai Purnima are the major festivals celebrated here during which people sprinkle the holy water of Kalinchowk Kunda upon themselves and take Holy Bathe on Trishul Dhara( sprouts of water believed to have emerged out when Lord Shiva dipped his trident into the ground).

How to reach:-

Starting from Charikot, one can reach Kalinchowk Bhagwati after crossing 19 km gravel road amid jungle, passing through Barrack and Deurali and climbing steep slope for 1hr. from Kuri Valley.

Alternatively, one can start hiking from Charikot to Kuri which takes 6-7 hrs and stay at Kuri for the night. Rooms ranging from NRs200-500 per night can easily be found.


High Altitude sickness can be experienced while Hiking especially during winter season. So remember to take green chilly or garlic or timmur with you.


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