Jatra cafe and Bar

Jatra Cafe and Bar is one of the most happening place which features ladies night on every Wednesday during which one free cocktail is served to all ladies attending the bar. Wednesday is also the time for unplugged music where different bands play Live  blues, reggae, grunge, jazz and other music. Visit Jatra with your friends and get huge group discount on food. Jatra remains open all week from 2pm till 10 pm. 5 pm to 7 pm is the Happy Cocktail Hour at Jatra during which you can get one cocktail free on every purchase of another cocktail while you can get discount on beer from 2pm to 5pm. The restuarant is equally popular among locals as well travelers which allows great opportunity of interactions.

What I particularly liked about Jatra was its ambience. The low lighting with plants hanging here and there creates  warm sensation as soon as you enter the premises. You can either choose an open air dining space or move upstairs to an enclosed dining area. The table at verandah is my favorite spot. You can choose to sit either indoors or outdoor and you can even try floor seating for a change. It has Wi-Fi Zone while it accepts debit and credit cards.

Jatra cafe & Bar in Thamel Menu

Newari dishes  are great for appetizers while you can try continental dishes for meals. They serve western and Indian dishes as well. Sukuti Pizza and continental grill are signature dish from Jatra.

Lemon Chicken has always been my favorite. They serve grilled chicken that is treated with lemon juice and garnished with pepper, tomato and potatoes. Fried buffalo meat is my second favorite.  Spices like wild peppers, garlic, ginger and chilies are enough to give zesty flavor to the meat.  I would also recommend you to try rosemary chicken. You will get a chicken leg that is dripped in a viscous dark sauce. The menu has a long list of appetizers, main course and desserts. Hash brown potatoes and Mushroom au gratin, Momos, Honey Glaze Chicken, barbecue Wings  and Chicken Butter Masala are some of  the honorable mentions.

How much should you carry

NRs 800 should be enough for snacks and dinner for a single person.

My opinion

I find Jatra to be comforting and I rejoice its homely environment. Jatra means a procession, a ceremony and it lives up to its name as its ambience mixed with delectable cuisine, occasional live musical bands, big screens  and friendly staffs are enough to set you in a festive mood. I prefer sitting alone inside Jatra and sipping cold beer to clear my head. Thanks to Jatra founders, I do not have to worry about Ma Pa Se (Drink Driving) as they provide  drivers at any time. I simply have to call them at 9801038660 and a driver will come to pick me up as well as drop me at my house. Jatra can serve up to 90 people at one time. Jatra Cafe & Bar is one of the best restaurant in Thamel which is perfect for weekend fun, social gathering as well as concluding business deals. Contact 01- 4256622 for further queries.

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