Ghale gaun is the traditional Gurung Village in which Nepal Government experimented “Village Tourism” in Nepal. The Government has planned to boost up Village Tourism through the major three factors of Village- namely: 1Wildlife 2 Ecology and 3Culture of the Village. It is situated on the way to the Annapurna Route and is popular as ‘Honey Hunting’ place where honey is hunted only during winter season.


Ghalegaun lies at an altitude of 2100 m in a Northern part of Lamjung district at the foot of Lamjung Himal in Western Nepal.

Major attractions:-

1The enchanting landscapes and views of Mount Manaslu in the East, Lamjung Himal and Annapurna in the North and Mount Machhapuchhre in the West.

2This area is also home to the famous honey hunters of Nepal

3 white water rafting

4 The world famous Annapurna round route lies at this place.

5There are Gurung pilgrimage site – The Samba Chhyoling Gompa at Nassar Danda.

6 Honey hunting :

The locals go in hunt for honey of bee called ‘Vir Mauri’ which makes its comb far from human settlement in an isolated area at the steep cliffs. The bee is very much aggressive and its sting is toxic. So it is wise to view the act from distance. It is amusing to see the Local honey hunters climb the cliff merely through help of ropes, bamboo ladders and hemp. It is the skill passed down from generation to generation.


People and Culture:-

It is a Gurung dominated village with their unique birth, death and Marriage Culture. They are all united through religious festivals in which they play various local musical instruments, perform their own dances and dress in traditional dresses. The people are hard laboring and welcoming. These Gurung people mainly inhabit in a place near to streams, waterfalls, forests, mountains and rivers.


Goat and sheep rearing are major occupation of these people. They make blanket called ‘Raadi’ and other woolen products from the wool for their livelihood. Handicrafts from bamboo are also becoming popular these days.


Things to do:-

1bird watching at Talangyo Lake

2visits to the Uttar Kanya Temple: Uttarkanya is a sacred temple constructed by former ruler, the Gale king.

3 Visit toPempro Fall, Batase Cave and the Khudi hydroelectric dam site.

4 Visitors can also participate in traditional musical program-“ Rodhi” which takes place every evening.

Cultural Attractions

1 Cultural dances like the Jhyaure, Serka, Dohori, Ghatu, Ghyabring, Krishna Charitra and Jhakri are performed on various occasions accompanied by different musical instruments with the dancers dressed in traditional dress.

2Visitors are welcomed with garlands of flowers and tika upon entrance and traditional farewell songs are sung upon departure.

Major Festival celebrated in the Area:-

1Nepali New Year : It occurs on April.

2Buddha Jayanti : Also known as Baisakh Purnima since it falls on full moon day of Baisakh(April), this day is considered as‘The Triple Blessing’ by Buddhists as this was the very day when Lord Buddha came down to earth, received enlightenment and achieved Nirvana.


A facility of Home Stay is available at a typical Gurung House where they have a clean toilet and furnished room. Although there is no hydroelectricity in the village, lamps and water heating system facilities are available through solar power in these houses.

Alternatively, you can also camp out in the stretch of vast green field.

Special Dishes:-

Plain rice, meat from local chicken, dhendo are popular dishes while Chang( home made rice beer) is available for drink.

How to Reach:-

Ghalegaun and Ghanpkhara lie 205 kilometers North-West of Kathmandu and 125 kilometers North-East of Pokhara.

To reach GhaleGaon, one has to first reach to Khudi.Regular Buses are available from Kathmandu to Khudi which takes about 6 hrs. of bus ride. If you are willing, there are enough Lodges available to give your body a rest. You can plan for next day’s hiking. Otherwise, if you are directly targeting Ghale Gaon, it lies at four-hour walking distance far from Khudi and you have to pass through another Gurung settlement Bhalam Chour. One has to pass through jungle to reach Ghale Gaon through Bhalam Chour where you san see various species of flowers, rhododendrons, birds and insects.

Nearby places that you can Visit:-

1 Ghanpokhara:

Ghanapokhara is a beautiful village lying about 100m above GhaleGaon (nearly 30 minutes of walking distance from GhaleGaon) to the north of Lamjung district at the top of Dashthar Danda at an altitude of 2100 meters from where Manaslu, Machhapuchhre and Annapurna Mountains can be viewed. Marsyandi, Khudi and Midim rivers cross over Ghanpokhara. Woods with blooming Rhododendrons, birds dwelling on the forest and waterfalls seen on the way are few of the attractions to be named. It is the en-route to Dudh Pokhari and thus often is crowded with Visitors. Ghanpokhara is four and half hours of walking distance far from Khudi and if you are planning to reach Ghan Pokhari through Khunti, you have to reach to Ghalegaun first, then after as you cross through Nayu and ascend up the hill, Ghan pokhari is arrved at. Alternatively, it can also be reached from Beshisahar in which case you have to cross through Kapur Gaon.

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